Devokan Hot Spot Myst-Uru Style

Devokan Hot Spot

I’ve been busy with RL, moving, unpacking, getting what little work there is done, getting cable to my new home for a good Internet connection, writing proposals for the company I freelance for…

I have new articles planned for here. One that is most in my mind is about Devokan (SL Map). It recently made the SL Hot Spots (these scroll off so I can’t link). Fans from Myst Online, a closed MMO, are building and playing in Devokan (link requires SL account). There is a story to Devokan. One can read the story on the Guild of Maintainers site in Developments in Devokan (the guild is a fan group from Myst Online).

I have a story about the SL RPG Land of NoR and the RPG’s spinning off from it. I just have to figure out how write about the drama if that saga without it being boring.

I also have a review of Babylon 5 RPG in SL. I need to up date it and get it posted.

I just need more hours in the day… 🙂

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