Big News? Myst-Uru-SL

Update Aug 27

Cyan Worlds, Inc. announced in the Myst Online forum that they are working with Creative Kingdoms on MagiQuest an MMO version of the ARG part of the theme parks.

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The Myst-Uru community, especially those that moved too Second Life, has been waiting for a project that Cyan Worlds sort of named ‘Something Else’ to finish. Why?

You see the Myst-Uru MMO game previously on GameTap as Myst Online Uru Live (MOUL) closed in April 2008. MOUL fans don’t give up. That happened once before when an earlier version of MOUL closed and fans hacked up servers and started to put the game back online. This time the fans were promised the MMO game as open source. Code was to be published this Spring.

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Uru-ite Creates Internet Music Site and Radio Station

New Internet Radio Station

Uru-ite Creates Internet Music Site and Radio Station

Reported as a “New Fun Website to See!” in the Uru community D’ni Refugees Group Notices, Sun Apr 26, 2009. Music Melee Online is now up and running. It is the newest place for musicians, people who like to blog about music, and people who love to hear great new music!

Quoting Thorson Hammerer, “We currently have our internet radio station up and running, playing some great music of all types, but we need more! If you are an artist, we need YOUR music! Sign up and submit your stuff, and possibly make some money in the process! We are also looking for feature music bloggers! We’re looking for you! Come and join us!”


Hunters Club in Mayan Myst

Thorson is a DJ, as well as others, at Hunters Club (Club Siren Group) in Mayan Myst that rocks Monday through Friday with Happy Hour from 5-7pm SL and 7-9pm SL. Prizes (L$ Contests) and surprises galore. Continue reading

Myst-Uru & Money

Eder DUru Guild Hall Replica

Eder D'Uru Guild Hall Replica

Being an international game Myst-Uru has players from the world over. There is a mix of players from different countries with different philosphies about money. With the coming of Myst Online open source (MO:OS – acronym from an inside Uru joke) the fan community is looking at hosing the game in commercial servers and finding ways to pay for the bandwidth needed for game play. Many fans want the game for free or to cost just enough to cover expenses. How that funding saga plays out is likely to be a reflection of real world financial philosophies played out in a virtual world. Whichever philosophy is yours, the choices will likely decide the fate of Myst-Uru. Consider and take your stand.

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New Rand Miller Interview – Myst Creator

The Mac Gamer

The Mac Gamer

Alex McLarty posted his interview with Rand Miller on The Mac Gamer. The article Interview with Rand Miller, co-creator of the Myst series will answer some questions and raise some new questions. It is a great read for Myst Online fans interested in the coming open source release.

Myst Online: Guild of Maintainers has a thread. Check it out and post your thoughts.

The Guilds of Myst-Uru Part IV

Part III is about fans being in control of the Myst-Uru open source version of Myst Online. It will be difficult for anyone person or group to control it. But, is that a good thing? I’m for freedom and many choices and lots of competition. Having lots of Uru worlds to choose from sounds good to me. But it may be disaster for Myst Uru and cause its ultimate demise. How can that be?

The Hall of Kings - Uru in Second Life

The Hall of King's - Uru in Second Life

If there were but one Uru run by a neutral third party which all fans could enjoy, we would likely have enough financial support for it run indefinitely. It would also assure players in game to keep the place from looking deserted.

But Myst Uru is not just about players in game. It is about fan created content, some fan programming server and client changes and someone designing and building content. Strong central control kills creativity and Myst Uru has failed twice from lack of content. While a central control would appear to solve many problems it creates others.

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The Guilds of Myst-Uru Part I

What is the story on the Myst-Uru guilds? Are they power hungry? Are they a force for good or evil? Will they be Myst-Uru’s salvation or destroy it? I personally think they will help and are the salvation. But I am also biased. What are others thinking and doing about Myst-Uru guilds?

This is a look at what I find and how I see it. This post will be a series of five posts.

The Guild… Which Guild is that?

Eder Tsogahl in Eder Gira Project - Myst Uru

Eder Tsogahl in Eder Gira Project - Myst Uru

In the Myst-Uru community there are more groups than just guilds. But, there are more guilds than just the guilds. I the groupings I see are; the community movers and shakers, guild leaders, various fans, various fan organizations, freelancers, bloggers, twitters and of course the guilds. The fans are the only real group. There are the Big Five guilds, which has nothing to do with membership numbers. Big has to do with recognition within the IC storyline. Then there are all the reformed guilds, new guilds, joke guilds and on and on.

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Nalates Things & Stuff

This blog is about various Things & Stuff I find interesting in Second Life and Myst Online, mostly Second Life.

I first visited Second Life in March 2008, shortly after the GameTap version of Myst Online closed. A number of players from Myst Online entered Second Life after Myst closed. About 600 of us are in SL now, Feb 2011. Most Myst fans can be found in the group D’ni Refugees. There are other Myst related groups. Search for them here: Second Life Groups. Dances, karaoke, building classes, and parties are regular events within the Myst Community. Join the D’ni Refugees to stay informed.

I first had a home in Minkartah, a privately owned island. A group of Myst fans into role play built the island, hotel, and market in Minkartah, which has changed to Minkarta and no longer has a market. Some of the Myst fans from Uru Live play in Minkarta. The Minkarta owners also own and built Crux Isle, a Myst style build of puzzles that is a fan story based on Myst Online Uru Live. Unfortunately the World Map teleport drops you in an odd place rather then the game start. However, there is a link there that will take you to the game start. It is a fun and challenging puzzle story.

I used to have a little shop in the Second Life region Minkartah.  The shops used to be a regular stop on treasure hunts, but that era is past and the shops are gone. But, if you have an SL account you can visit:Marketplace – Nalates Urriah, which is my online store in the SL Market Place.