Second Life Ban List

Not too long ago we got a Ban List for our Second Life™ groups. But,  Oz says we have no good user interface for managing the Ban List. OK, that wasn’t a duh moment. He was leading into asking for someone to take on designing a UI for managing the Ban List.

Seasons Event

Seasons Event by My Sister’s Closet SL Blog, on Flickr

So, if you are into User Interface design whip up a manager for ban lists.

In that discussion Profile Notes came up and how they used to be used in conjunction with group lists for handling banned people.

From what I was hearing Oz apparently does not use Profile comments… I do. But, I’m not at all sure I understand what Jessica was talking about when she said they stopped working. Whatever the case is, the Lab will probably being adding a note field to the future ban list manager. But, all this is dependent on what someone designs.

Second Life Group Lists

You probably don’t know that Second Life group member lists do not fully load for groups with over 5,000 members, unless you manage a large group. And now the Lab will soon be having the servers NOT send the full list to the viewer. This change is a work-around for a problem impacting group chat.

Paint Us like a Group of Your French Girls.

Paint Us like a Group of Your French Girls. by VOIDAR // Ashley Carter, on Flickr

This coming change is NOT related to the new 60-groups limit. That is having no measurable impact on group chat. But, downloading LARGE member lists is creating a problem, apparently whether 1 or 60.  Continue reading

Second Life Bits 2015 Week 11


I’ve been missing User Group meetings. Yesterday I was finding a work-around for a business class HP Laserjet Multifunction Printer that kept forgetting where to send document scans. I decided HP has totally destroyed their driver & software download site. Frustrating. It used to be simple.

Daisa Daisa - Color Bust

Daisa Daisa – Color Bust by Nylon Pinkney, on Flickr

But, even if I had been at the meeting, there isn’t much news. As there was no package for the RC server channels last week there is no main channel roll out this week.  Continue reading

Group Ban Sort of Released

Jailed - by: Stefano Mortellaro - Flickr

Jailed – by: Stefano Mortellaro – Flickr

The Group Ban feature on the server side rolled out today. After tomorrow’s roll outs to the RC channels the server side of Group Ban will be complete. All regions in the main grid will have the feature.

This afternoon the Project Viewer appeared on the RC and Project Viewers page. See Project Group Ban The release notes with some instructions for how to use the feature is here: GroupBan/ Release Notes.

For all practical purposes, we have group ban. Those wanting to ban people from their groups need to get the Project Viewer. Those being banned will be banned no matter which viewer they use. The ban actually happens server side. The Project Viewer is just needed to tell the server who is banned.


Second Life News 2014-23 #2

Coming Soon

Simon Linden is working a problem to fix a problem that leaves attachments appearing to still be attached. The problem is especially noticeable when a script removes an attachment after a region crossing. See SVC-7626Script object detachment doesn’t appear to remove worn object in the viewer. This is an older JIRA of a related problem. Apparently the actual JIRA being worked on got MOVED into the Linden’s private MAINT channel rather than cloned.

Server/Scripting UG 2014-23

Server/Scripting UG 2014-23

The apparent problem is some timing issue in how the servers send messages to viewers. Simon describes the problem as:  Continue reading

Group Ban 2014-21

This is a feature many large group owners are wanting… desperately. Once it rolls out things should be nicer in several ways.

This is the feature that bans and ejects a user or group of users from a group. Now we can eject them. But, on open groups the ejected user just joins up again and they are back. Group ban will add them to a list server side and the servers will not let them join the group again. Pesky problem solved.

On Wednesday an infrastructure part of the feature rolled out to the backend servers. This isn’t anything we can see now, but the main grid is a step closer to having Group Ban. One more change is needed before the server RC channels get the new code for Group Ban. The Tuesday down time messed up that schedule. I suspect it will recover quickly.

Maestro says that only one region server update will need to go through the RC channels. That assumes no bugs.

There is a set of viewer changes winding through QA and then RC. But, we are getting close to having Group Ban.

Second Life News 2014-19

Some big news today… almost… see Group Ban below.


There were no rollouts to the main or RC channels this week. But, a T-Rex was pitching baseball in San Diego.

Chat Fix

However, the backend servers for chat got an update. These are the updates Simon Linden has been working on and that several of us have been testing in ADITI over the past few weeks.

People are probably not going to notice much difference. Any difference will be subtle. But, the code adds more analytics to the chat system. The new information should give the Lindens a better idea of what can be fixed to improve performance.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-11 #2


There is not much news to relate about servers. We already know the package that rolled out to the main server channel consisted of bug fixes. The only one which is noticeable, unless you were experiencing one of the bugs, is the fix for Help→About Second Life. The viewer would not consistently report the server version. Now it does.

Server Beta 2014-11

Server Beta 2014-11

Server RC’s

In week 10 the Magnum EC channel ran the Sunshine package, the one that supports AISv3. These are the changes to the way the system will deal with inventory. There are no user interface changes. The changes are all backend things. Users should only see more reliable inventory loading and fewer bake fails.

That package is now running on all the RC channels.

Maestro Linden is hoping the Lab can release the project soon. It has been on the RC channel for some weeks now. Continue reading