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Not too long ago we got a Ban List for our Second Life™ groups. But,  Oz says we have no good user interface for managing the Ban List. OK, that wasn’t a duh moment. He was leading into asking for someone to take on designing a UI for managing the Ban List.

Seasons Event

Seasons Event by My Sister’s Closet SL Blog, on Flickr

So, if you are into User Interface design whip up a manager for ban lists.

In that discussion Profile Notes came up and how they used to be used in conjunction with group lists for handling banned people.

From what I was hearing Oz apparently does not use Profile comments… I do. But, I’m not at all sure I understand what Jessica was talking about when she said they stopped working. Whatever the case is, the Lab will probably being adding a note field to the future ban list manager. But, all this is dependent on what someone designs.

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  1. This shouldn’t stop to how to improve the UI. One feature really missing is a ban for group land. That’s something communities located on Mainland really miss. Banning someone from the entire community land means that we have to update the list of tens of parcels.

  2. Would you please elaborate upon what they mean by group lists? IE, is the intent to ban based on group membership or is it a matter of managing access/entry for those who are not part of a group? If the former, what’s to prevent someone from simply leaving the group and sidestepping the ban?

    • Look up Ban List on this blog to get all the details on this 2014-15 feature.

      Groups have ban lists. If you are banned via this tool, you are ejected from the group and rejoining is blocked.

      • Okay, so is the request for ban UI suggestions for the banning via land or banning from groups or both?

        • This is for groups. I haven’t thought to look to see if there is a similar ban list for land. But, as land bans do not target members, probably not. I just remember the recent ban list being developed for groups.

  3. Also, did Oz mention any sort of submission process? Like what route should someone take if they do not regularly drop in on his meetings?

    • Just to follow up, i just ended up emailing him my suggestions and have also posted them here:

    • He did not. But, there is a process that TPV Dev’s use. The contribution process is outlined in the wiki.

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