Second Life News 2014-11 #2


There is not much news to relate about servers. We already know the package that rolled out to the main server channel consisted of bug fixes. The only one which is noticeable, unless you were experiencing one of the bugs, is the fix for Help→About Second Life. The viewer would not consistently report the server version. Now it does.

Server Beta 2014-11

Server Beta 2014-11

Server RC’s

In week 10 the Magnum EC channel ran the Sunshine package, the one that supports AISv3. These are the changes to the way the system will deal with inventory. There are no user interface changes. The changes are all backend things. Users should only see more reliable inventory loading and fewer bake fails.

That package is now running on all the RC channels.

Maestro Linden is hoping the Lab can release the project soon. It has been on the RC channel for some weeks now.

Group Ban

With testing on ADITI it has been found a group owner can ban one’s self from the group. I can imagine the problems that could create. Whatever, Baker Linden and Maestro are working on getting that fixed.

Maestro described the problem as, “The difference is something along the lines of… the viewer is encapsulating the avatar uuid as a string instead of as a uuid and uuid != string so , “oh that agent didn’t ban his own uuid – allow it!

LSL Syntax

The syntax project is about having the viewer’s Linden Scripting Language (LSL) editor get its list of functions and keywords directly from the servers rather than have the information built into the viewer. The change will make for a faster LSL update process.

The bug STORM-2000LSL arguments presented by LSLSyntax viewer’s tooltips incorrectly appear in alphabetical order, is being worked on. Maestro says there are some other changes, but until they know whether they work or not, he isn’t talking.


There is a problem where paricles do not emit properly from the object doing the emitting.  See: BUG-1638Particle systems with PSYS_PART_FOLLOW_SRC_MASK do not follow moving objects correctly. This was an old bug from way back which was marked ‘Won’t Fix’ and was recently refilled,February 2013.

The Lindens have imported BUG-1638 and are working on it.


It is still early Friday. We might see a viewer change before the end of the day, but I doubt it. So, for now nothing has changed on the viewer front this week, at least release-wise.

The Firestorm Viewer 4.6.1 is out. I think that is the big viewer news. Some people are having a problem with the Firestorm download page. The development team uses advertising on the site to pay for servers and proprietary libraries used in the viewer. The ad system detects it is a download page and places deceptive download buttons on the page. If a person does not read and just blindly clicks ‘download,’ they end up totally messed up.

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