Second Life Bits 2015 Week 11


I’ve been missing User Group meetings. Yesterday I was finding a work-around for a business class HP Laserjet Multifunction Printer that kept forgetting where to send document scans. I decided HP has totally destroyed their driver & software download site. Frustrating. It used to be simple.

Daisa Daisa - Color Bust

Daisa Daisa – Color Bust by Nylon Pinkney, on Flickr

But, even if I had been at the meeting, there isn’t much news. As there was no package for the RC server channels last week there is no main channel roll out this week. 

The RC channels got one package. The server release notes state this package has “Internal improvements for premium users”. Hummmmm… what might those be? The Lindens are not saying.

They are looking at how to make things better for Premium Users. But, what might be improved on the simulators that would not improve things for everyone?

I’m all for improving things for paying users. I looked at what I was spending in SL and decided I would try Premium Membership for a year as it would probably be cheaper. So, maybe I’ll see what they are doing.

Chat Groups

Week 10 was hard on Group Chat. Something like 20% of groups were failing. This was due to changes made by the Lindens. Of course, the purpose was to make things better. But, the regression did teach the Lindens new ways that the Chat System can fail.

The failure rate should be much better this week. The Lindens continue to work on the system. The knowledge will likely be usable in SL2. So, I think this is a well attended aspect of SL1. And things are getting better. It has been weeks since I got a ‘Cannot Connect’ error.

Group Ban

A recent feature is the ability to ban people from groups. There are rumors that entered banned names are dropping out of the ban lists. That has to be annoying for those managing large groups.

The Lindens are aware of the rumors. To track the problem down they need more well documented reports. If you have documented cases of names dropping and can assign a TIME to when it happened or even a narrow window of a day or may be two in which it happened, please file a JIRA BUG report. This will clue the Lindens on where to look in the server logs to catch the problem.


Around 2013/09/12 I wrote about the coming Ribbon Particles that would soon be part of the SL system. See: Ribbon Particles in Second Life. I only see a rare use of Ribbon Particles here and there.

Hamlet over on New World Notes is writing about ColeMarie Soleil’s, a Second Life personality and RL popstar, creation of The Teardrop Hand Dancer Set. See the video Hamlet has of the Dancer toy.

ColeMarie Soleil made this video a few years back. Hamlet pointed us to it. I like the song and the video is well done.

A high quality sound track of the song Sad Robot is here.

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