Eve Online – What About Those Cinematic Moments?

This is the epic space war game. Fans make videos of gameplay there. A few are making cinematic class videos. This is one the writer at Massively Overpowered likes. I think it is pretty nice.

If you have watched the battle scenes from LIVE gameplay you are aware of the horrendous lag generated by weapons fire and multiple players. SL isn’t all THAT bad…

While the cinematic EVE films are somewhat a thing of the past they are popping up a bit more often, according to Massively Overpowered and their collection of all time bests. Continue reading

EVE Online Goes Free to Play Today

Massively has an article giving the details. See: EVE ONLINE IS OFFICIALLY FREE-TO-PLAY TODAY WITH ASCENSION.

I’ve been watching the news on EVE going free to play (F2P). I tried Eve some time ago. With this new F2P I’ll try it with my new computer. But, reading the stories like EVE EVOLVED: THREE ESSENTIAL TIPS FOR NEW ALPHA CLONE PLAYERS and hearing them say it takes months to learn to play… I am not sure I want to spend that much time.  Continue reading

Eve Online FREE

I had the question of whether I could use a cheap free-player ship and be a factor in the game play or was I just fresh meat for the long-time players?

In a recent major battle 17% of the ships free-players will be able to access were in the battle. With something like 60,000 world-wide players participating in the battle, that means over 10,000 ships in the battle could have been free-players.  Continue reading

Just Interesting – EVE Online

I saw today that EVE Online made gaming news. I have friends that play EVE. I like EVE but, it doesn’t suit my time limits. I am, however, impressed by a recent battle in EVE. The video of part of it is below. It runs 18+ minutes. You can watch it in full screen.

You may not know much about EVE. It is obviously a space game evolving space ships and fleets of ships. Now Gamer describes it as:

In short, it’s a cruel world where deception, piracy and scams run rife, and if you don’t have a smart head on your shoulders, you will likely get eaten alive. The learning curve for new players is mountainous, but those who survive the first few months encounter a unique world rarely seen in gaming.  

Continue reading