Eve Online – What About Those Cinematic Moments?

This is the epic space war game. Fans make videos of gameplay there. A few are making cinematic class videos. This is one the writer at Massively Overpowered likes. I think it is pretty nice.

If you have watched the battle scenes from LIVE gameplay you are aware of the horrendous lag generated by weapons fire and multiple players. SL isn’t all THAT bad…

While the cinematic EVE films are somewhat a thing of the past they are popping up a bit more often, according to Massively Overpowered and their collection of all time bests.

I find the talent shown in the videos rather impressive. This last one with Anthony Hopkins reading Do Not Go Gentle into the Night… just amazing.

If you wonder about Second Life cinematic videos… There are some. Not easy to find. There is way too much trivial stuff that buries the great stuff in search results. Without a video name or artist try and find this one.


And another…

If you know of great cinematic videos of SL, let me know in comments.

7 thoughts on “Eve Online – What About Those Cinematic Moments?

    • Surprising well made for a porn video… That isn’t exactly the ‘cinematic’ type of moment I had in mind.

      • Glad you like it ! But if you feel its not appropriate for the comments section of your blog, you can take the li nk down, I will understand.

        • Its adult nature isn’t a problem. I just added a warning so people would know what they bringing up.

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