Eve Online – What About Those Cinematic Moments?

This is the epic space war game. Fans make videos of gameplay there. A few are making cinematic class videos. This is one the writer at Massively Overpowered likes. I think it is pretty nice.

If you have watched the battle scenes from LIVE gameplay you are aware of the horrendous lag generated by weapons fire and multiple players. SL isn’t all THAT bad…

While the cinematic EVE films are somewhat a thing of the past they are popping up a bit more often, according to Massively Overpowered and their collection of all time bests. Continue reading

Second Life: OBS Streaming Tutorial

Strawberry Singh has posted a nice tutorial on YouTube and her blog. It runs 26 minutes. The video is simple, complete, and well done. I’ll link you to her current challenge where there is a link to the video. The challenge is a bit of fun and incentive to learn how to stream Second Life™.

Strawberry’s Video Challenge

I did find that my OBS (18.0.1 Windows 64-bit) is a bit different than Strawberry’s (18.0.1 64-bit Mac?).

If you haven’t seen the term ‘vlogging’ it is blogging using video. Medhue Simoni is doing an almost daily (8 or ( AM SLT) video tutorial on Second Life modeling and animation. I suppose we could call the tutorials his vlog. See: Medhue channel. The channel has 4,000+ subscribers.

Strawberry’s Vlogging Challenge is here. You can compare her videos and Medhue’s. Strawberry gives away that she has notes and a script for her video in the OBS tutorial as she flips from primary to her secondary screen with the script. Continue reading