What will Character Creation be like in Project Sansar?

First, I don’t know. Second, AFAIK no one has said anything to give us a substantial clue. But, I am curious. So, when I see Massively Overpowered writing about character creation I check it out. Following is a video showing the state of character creation in Black Desert as of September 2015.

You don’t start to see the creation tool until about TM 4:00.

I can speculate that some of the adjustment tools could be similar for Project Sansar. But, I wonder about whether we will have that much control over hair and make up. We have quite an industry making hair and make up. If all that is moved to the character editor, it will definitely change the fashion industry in Sansar.

One thing I think would be great to add to the character creation tool is the ability to play animations as they do toward the end of the video. I doubt that how animations are used in Black Desert and Sansar will be similar.

Black Desert is allowed more freedom as they only dealing with a limited set of appearance parameters in that they are dealing with humanoid forms. As Bento is showing us people are far more creative. There is a desire to have wildly bizarre characters. Have you thought what Halloween 2016 will be like after Bento is completed?

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