Second Life News 2013-11

…e going to hold off on merging in CHUI to their viewers until after SSAB rolls out. We may well see SSAB in TPV’s before we see CHUI in TPV’s. But we will see CHUI before SSAB in the SL Viewers. Cocoa You can read about what Cocoa is here: Cocoa Overview. The SL Viewer will adopt the Cocoa frame work… I think adopt is the right word. I’m not sure what exactly the level of integration is to be or what it means for Apple users. But, Apple OS… Continue reading

Second Life and the Mac WebKit Problem

…is in process within the Lab. So, we may be weeks from a decision being made. But, it seems the hope is the Lab will move to CEF. Everyone seems to be abandon inf QT as the web moves toward HTML5 graphics and CEF. There are Cocoa bugs being worked on by the Lab and Third Party Devs. It isn’t like Mac has been abandoned. There are a couple of Cocoa fixes in the current RC Maintenance release. The other bugs are on the Linden list of things… Continue reading

Firestorm Viewer News 2014-7

…at with the next release Firestorm 4.2.2 would be blocked. Mac users will have a problem because newer versions have Cocoa support and that is a problem. If you are trying to figure out what Mac Cocoa is see: Mac OS, Apple’s Cocoa Framework, and Cocoa API. The short explanation is that it is a set of libraries with API’s that allow programmers to do a lot of visual stuff with only a few lines of code. It seems to me this is Apple’s way of making… Continue reading

Second Life News & Bits 2014-48

…ing to the Deploys thread there are no new changes being made to any RC channel. Blood Letters Slow Render Day – 3 to 4 minutes A no change window opens Wednesday 11/26 and runs to Sunday 11/30. Cocoa Bugs There are no Cocoa bugs for Mac users. Just ask Lindens or Apple engineers. Come on, who are you going to believe, them or your eyes? But, there is hope. Cinder Roxley is working on those issues, retina resolution support for the viewer,… Continue reading

Second Life’s Friday TPV Meeting 1/30

…nt on user feedback. She plans to offer a more probable schedule in a couple of weeks. Viewers Oz didn’t have any information about viewers that we didn’t already know. The bug fixes in the maintenance package are extensive. Cocoa bugs/fixes are getting extensive QA work. We know little more than that in regard to Cocoa. The Hover project server side should roll to the main grid next week, Tuesday 2/3. The Project Hover Height Viewer version… Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-35 #3

…l rollout. There are still problems where the chat servers handling a group’s chat stall. Contact support and tell them your group messages have stopped being delivered. They have a process for restarting the problem server. Cocoa In the last two week there has been no work on specific Cocoa problems. KDU The Kakado software used by Linden Lab to handle the JPG2000 compression of images will be getting an update as part of the Build Tools… Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-31 #3

…unctionality, but a change in functionality is still on the table. The amount of data sent on changes information to update the chatter/group member list as people come on and off line out weights the actual message traffic. Cocoa Bugs Cinder Roxley has submitted a number of fixes. But, the Lab is getting worse crash rates using them. So, those are on hold while work is done on them. Oz says for now there are no high priority Mac bugs on the… Continue reading

Viewer Release Pipeline Update

…of viewer testing. This version does have several fixes for scripters using the viewer’s script editor. If you do lots of scripting you will probably want to try this viewer and give the Lab feedback on the changes.* Project Cocoa Channel – – Release Notes – Mac Only – The goal of this project is to update the Mac version of the viewer to use Apple’s current Cocoa libraries. Project Materials Channel –… Continue reading