Second Life News & Bits 2014-48


We haven’t had any server updates running in the RC Channels. We have had a version running in RC that has tweaks to CDN settings. Those tweaks are rolling out to the main grid tomorrow, Tuesday, Week 48.

According to the Deploys thread there are no new changes being made to any RC channel.

Blood Letters Slow Render Day - 3 to 4 minutes

Blood Letters Slow Render Day – 3 to 4 minutes

A no change window opens Wednesday 11/26 and runs to Sunday 11/30.

Cocoa Bugs

There are no Cocoa bugs for Mac users. Just ask Lindens or Apple engineers. Come on, who are you going to believe, them or your eyes?

But, there is hope. Cinder Roxley is working on those issues, retina resolution support for the viewer, mouse look, and second screen support. So, we may see a fix at some point. This assumes a fix is possible and Cinder seems to think it is.

Cinder’s work is appearing in the Alchemy viewer (now Bata 3.7.19). I think, it appears there first. If you are a Mac user, check out Alchemy. Blog & Download I think Alchemy is now the cutting edge viewer for Mac users. Remember. They are classing it a beta version. While I haven’t run into bugs on the Windows side, there are likely bugs in any beta version.

There is a problem on the Apple side in how 2D screen coordinates and 3D in-world coordinates are being translated. Apple says the problems are because of the use of the older and depreciated calls in the Cocoa system. Cinder has those depreciated calls removed and there is still a problem. So, the fix is going to be more complex than Apple engineers think.

Cinder is finding that problems are very resolution related. They apparently appear on some machines and resolutions and not others. This makes testing the fixes difficult when one does not have every device using every resolution.

On Windows where I am now doing a major amount of cam’ing around in Blood Letters, I have been seeing some odd behaviors from time to time. Usually related to trying to anchor the camera on a user made mesh object. So, there is some possibility of the Windows side needing some work that may cross over. But, don’t hold your breath. The problem is intermittent and somewhat rare on Windows.

Money and The Game Market

If you want to see where consumer money in gaming is being spent, check out Ad Stockings article: Mobile Games market double growth , client games remain stagnant.

BlocksWorld vs Minecraft

Avatar Generation has an article up about the competition between Linden Lab’s BlocksWorld and Minecraft. See: Linden Lab’s take on Minecraft with Blocksworld. The article tells us little beyond mentioning a couple of new features in BlocksWorld.

Linden Lab Merchandise

In the Drax Radio #46 episode you may have heard talk about Lab Merchandise. Ciaran has sown some of it and discussion is ongoing about it over on SLUniverse. See: Linden Lab’s Inhouse Merchandise. So far, a short discussion.


Here is a recent series of posts about someone dealing with the Lab in a copyright abuse/volition case. It makes interesting reading for anyone anticipating filing a DMCA take down notice.

See: Question and Answer Intellectual Property Law.

An excellent point made is: “If you have not already done so, you need to immediately register a copyright for your various creative works with the U.S. Copyright Office. This protects your right to “statutory damages,” and “attorney’s fees” — rather than the less valuable “actual damages” which are ordinarily available.

US Copyright Fees US$35 to $85.

Rebirth & The Machinima Expo in Second Life

Honour is covering the event in her article. This is an event to raise awareness of the Violence Against Women issues in the world (Nov 25).

Virtual Reality and Human Behavior

Kate Abrosimova has an article up on Hypergrid Business: Virtual reality can make us nicer.

She is writing about a new study from the University of Georgia. The findings are interesting and give me some hope for nice side effects from HMD’s.

Kirstentacular Rigged Mesh Tutorial

JuicyBomb has an article and the video up about Kirsten’s tutorial on adjusting rigged mesh. I linked to the tutorial some time ago. But, I think it worth another mention. See: Juicy’s article.

Chrome Will Start Blocking

The designers of the Chrome Browser are telling us the browser will start blocking plug-ins, those using the old school Netscape Plug-In API. Some notable applications that use the plug-ins are; Microsoft’s Silverlight, Unity, Facebook, Netflix, and Google Earth.

Over the last year Chrome has started blocking old API apps. Those I mentioned have been white listed to they may continue to run. As of January 2015, the white list goes away and ALL apps using the old API will be blocked.

The blocking is a security measure. US at Risk

HyFy and LEAP Motion

Philip Rosedale’s HyFy project has a new video out and a short article on their hi-tech use of LEAP Motion for highly advanced uses in virtual space… right…

I know, weak joke…

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  1. Your camera sometimes acts weirdly when you have it anchored on a Mesh item or someones Mesh clothing ? Thats normal, it happend from day 1. It does/did happen with sculpties sometimes too and before that, waaaaay before sculpties, with the insides of hollowed prims.

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