Second Life News + 3rd Party 2019 w05 and 06

The third-party Dev UG meeting was short and griefed. The video is here. Pantera Północy, the videographer, edited most of the griefing out. Annoying.


The main channel got an update, # Has logging to gather baseline information on simulator performance in various areas of interest and additional internal logging. So, they are now getting data from the majority of the grid.

N383 What To Wear

What To Wear

If you drive, fly, or sail now would be a good week to be active. Of course, Tuesday afternoon is a good day to drive, fly, or sail as the most regions have just been restarted.

Blue Steel – In spit of what the deploy thread and release notes say Simon Linden and Rider Linden tell us this channel is running the EEP updates and ONLY this channel. This adds a considerable number of regions to the EEP version. Previously only the Snack or Cake channels ran EEP, a few regions. So, way more testing now.

I think this update has the fix for legacy viewers, as in non-EEP capable viewers, being stuck at noon when in Blue Steel regions. Now the day should progress.

Le Tigre and Magnum are running version # This package is listed as Internal Changes

Seems Caleb and Maz, among others helping with the Deploys thread, have been dealing with office illness.  Not surprising in a city where street cleaners often have to wear hazmat suites or gear. (Ref, ref, ref) So, we miss server update news.


The main viewer remains version Last updated in week #50, 2018.

There is no change in the viewer population. Work has been getting the RC’s ready for promotion and working on the change over to new software for compiling the viewers.

Old Sea Home - 11/2018

Old Sea Home

All the RC’s have minor problems that needed fixing before going final. Those fixes are popping in and RC’s are updating. So, no promotions, but soon.

Second Life Bugsplat Viewer version – is being worked on to fix the multiple icon problem. Whatever that is. Last updated in week #04.

The Lab tried to get a personal install version working, but SL URLs didn’t work. They didn’t find a workable solution. So, that type of install is being pulled out and will be an admin only install. They think this is the last block on the Bugsplat version.

Oz Linden thinks they will probably promote another RC before the Bugsplat RC gets promoted.

Second Life EAM Viewer version – New last week.

Second Life Love Me Render Viewer version – This updated in week #04.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Last updated in 2018 week #10.

Second Life Project Bakes On Mesh Viewer version – Last updated in week #50. 

Second Life Project EEP Viewer version – This updated in week #04. EEP has been passing through a series of triages. They are getting closer to releasing it as an RC. In stuff is in QA now. Big batch of fixes going through QA. So… real soon.

Last Friday they were meeting to decide what gets left out of the first RC viewer. Seems God-Rays are on the list. Those and other things. They’ll get added next pass.

Other Linden Viewer News

The Lab is still working on the changeover to Visual Studio 2017, the software used to build the viewers. It is going well. They are working through a load of supporting libraries and fixing library glitches as they go. Once done, CEF will be rebuilt and customized more for SL. CEF is the internal browser and media player.

The Lab has been playing software catch-up. Going from 5 years behind to 2 years behind on their Visual Studio has caused them to build in lots of animation for updating. The plan is to stay caught up. Each version is a smaller number of changes then having to deal with the changes from years of updates. It is the third-party libraries that hold them back. They have yet to compile (build) the viewer part with the new software.

The Linux community is giving the Lab lots of code for the Linux viewer. However, a Linux viewer is unlikely to have Vivox voice as Vivox is not supporting Linux.

If a Linux user is willing to run the SL Viewer in Windows emulation, all works.

There is a voice problem on Mac. If you are starting on a No-Voice region, it gets complex. There is a permission one has to grant that never pops a request if you start on a no voice region and then never pops later in the session when you move to a voice enabled region… or something like that…

Other Viewers

Black Dragon 3.4.1 – Another update Jan 25. New stuff added to the UI. More changes in key-binding. A performance bump or two. Panel tabs have been gone over to improve them. High polygon count avatars have less impact on BD.



Firestorm – No word… We were expecting a release in January. The beta with animesh is still the newest version of Firestorm. It has some minor issues. But, not having animesh is becoming a bigger problem as it is popping up everywhere. Not over whelming, but growing.

Kokua Viewer – In the last 10 days 3 updates have been released. The latest is version (RLV) and (NORLV). There is new stuff in this version so it is work the click to read the release notes.

RLViewer – Marine has made a series of quick updates to RLV and the RLViewer. Now on version This latest is an oops fix.

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