GA.EG Jennifer 2.0 Orgasms Released

Gael Streeter has released a Jennifer 2.0 update… This Jennifer has better orgasms…

No, I’m joking. This is a head and HUDs update only. No new orgasms. That orgasm thing is just me hyping the story. But you will still want this update.

Lots of stuff changes. The head and parts and HUDs update. Lots of new stuff was added. One a major feature I haven’t seen in a mesh-head-HUD before.

GA.EG Smart HUD 2.0

There is also lots of confusion about what works with what and what has to update. I was asking in the GA.EG group and got some answers. I found out they weren’t strictly correct. So, I sent Gael a note asking:


I went to the in-world store and saw there is a Jennifer 2.0. I missed any announcement of the update.

The note card included with 2.0 seems to say only the HUD is updated. Is that correct?

Is there any place that describes the changes? (Not important – I’ll experiment)

Do I need to replace all instances of the previous version of the head? Or just the HUDs?

Can I use the 2.0 HUDs with the 1.0 head?

Thanks for any help…

Nalates Urriah

I got an answer, next day, from Gael:

Hello Nalates 🙂

The changes are quite big and I did not listed them all in the notecard but many customers as you are asking me this question so I made this list :

Version 2.0 Changes :

    – Smart HUD : It has been completely redesigned, including many new features such has the full settings by layers, the My Favorites and My Looks features…

    – Head : The neck junction has been improved and the scripts updated to work with the new Smart HUD 2.0.

    – Facial AO : The AO has just been “relooked”. (For the oldest heads, the double click has been improved.)

    – Ears : The scripts have been updated to work with the new Smart HUD 2.0.

    – Teeth : The scripts have been updated to work with the new Smart HUD 2.0.

    – Neckblends : The scripts have been updated to work with the new Smart HUD 2.0.

    – Ears Hole Filler : New.

So you need to replace all the objects with the new version 2.0 (except eventually the Facial AO).

You can normally use the HUD 1.0 with the head 2.0 (but it has not been tested).

You can also find a full help about the new Smart HUD 2.0 on the GA.EG web site :

I hope all this helps. 🙂

BTW I wanted to tell you that I do like a lot your blog! Very good work TY. 🙂

Gael Streeter

From talking with the people in the GA.EG group and personal experiments I find the 1.0 HUDs do work with the 2.0 head parts. The 2.0 HUDs sort of work with the 1.0 parts. The 2.0 update has stuff not in the 1.0. So, the new stuff doesn’t work when using the older HUD and head and parts.

To see how the new awesome Smart HUD works take a look at the website, Smart HUD Help. Then jump over to the Smart HUD 2.0 Help, or just click my link.

I am thrilled with the My Looks tab of the HUD!

You will have to reinstall all your addons. GA.EG has made installing addons painless. It is tedious and I had it done in about 10 minutes. I am soooo glad I keep all my addons in a folder and can just click through them. I updated both the Smart HUD and Face AO HUD.

IMPORTANT! Once you have your HUDs setup, make a backup copy. If things go sideways some day, you can copy the backup and not have to start with new empty redelivered copy.

I now have a folder named [GA.EG] Jennifer 1.0 Bento Mesh Head and one named [GA.EG] Jennifer 2.0 Bento Mesh Head. I am keeping both because I tend to do makeup on a head and save that head as a copy for use with an outfit. Add the outfit and the makeup is already on. Time saver.

So, do I have to redo make up? Replicating a 1.0 look on the 2.0 head? Looks the answer is yes. I tried to use the 2.0 HUD to copy a ‘look’. Using 1.0 head and 2.0 HUD doesn’t work.

Then I thought well read the head 1.0 look using the 1.0 HUD and then apply it to the 2.0 head. That was a disaster. I threw that copy of the head away.

Oops… HUD 1.0 Cannot apply presets to 2.0 heads

The 1.0 HUD let me save 8 ‘looks’, sets of makeup. The 2.0 lets me have 6 ‘looks.’ I have about 16 heads saved for my looks at this point. So, I’ll be saving copies of the 2.0 head as I change over. So, how am I going to do that without it being overly tedious?

First, I replaced all my HUD 1.0 links with links to the HUD 2.0. Open inventory, find the HUD 1.0, and right-click it. I usually find the item to update using Appearance-Outfits on the Wearing tab then right-clicking Show Original.

Once I have the original showing in inventory I right-click and select Replace Links. Next find the item in inventory that will be the replacement. Drag and drop it into the Replace Links dialog. Click start and it happens. Nice.

Don’t work about names and which things are going to be replaced. The Replace Links apparently works based on the item’s UUID. So, I have never seen it mess up because of name confusion.

To update my ‘looks’ or saved heads with unique make up I decided to Replace Links for; brow shaper, alpha layer, teeth, and ears. I don’t do anything special with those. All my heads use the same ones for these. So, I have like 60+ outfits to update that use them.

Now all that is left is to tediously build replacement 2.0 heads for all my saved 1.0 heads. Which I may not do. If I find I want to make a change that doesn’t work, then I’ll change to a 2.0 head. Otherwise, I don’t think I need to switch as most changes in the 2.0 HUD for appearance work.

I did however change my base Nude Avatar, my starting point for new outfits, to use the 2.0 everything. So, my new outfits will be on 2.0.

I want to point out the 2.0 HUD allows more than 6 ‘looks’ if you consider that each layer has eight ‘favorites’ you can save. It is only 6 composite or complete looks you are limited to.

I ran into problems with those ‘favorites.’ My Izzie’s wet skin that I use via an Omega applier and relay on the tattoo layer of the head doesn’t save as a favorite. I’m not sure what’s up with that, me… the 2.0 HUD, or Izzie and the applier lash up…

My GA.EG addons work well with favorites. I can change lipstick via the Addons tab, switch to the Lips tab and save a favorite lipstick. Yay!

I am very happy with my new Jennifer 2.0…

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