Second Life: Animesh RC Nearing – CC UG Meeting 2018 w24

Last week there was no Content Creators’ UG Meeting. This week there was. The meeting is held in the region Animesh4, ADITI. We have some hot news on Animesh. See 03:00 TM.

The word is we might, possibly, could, maybe see Animesh roll to the RC channels of Agni next week (#25). The word from the Beta Server UG is it is on the schedule for next week… Be excited, but don’t hold your breath.

The video…

I have time compressed parts of the video where there is no voice. So, you may have to pause the video to keep up the local chat.


00:00 Video start… pre-meeting

03:00 – Vir announcing Animesh possibly to AGNI next week, week #25. At 08:15 Vir says release is dependent on getting an updated project viewer out before the server roll.

There are some bugs/problems that will still be running around next week. (03:45) The Encroachment Problem is being worked on. We will see the Linden solution in the next update of the Animesh viewer.

Animesh can be rezzed and then animated to appear some distance away from the rez point. If the distance one could animate from the rez point were unlimited, we could see a griefer circus of things rez’d no telling where dancing across our lawn or through our homes.

The idea is to set a limit using the bounding box of the animesh pre-animation at rez time. A limit is set on the distance the near side of the bounding box can be from the rez point. The bounding box will be calc’d from a combination of bones and mesh. Confused? A bunch of people were. Wait for the Project viewer to update and then test it to see how it works.

The Lindens are open to changing this limit. But, there will be some limit to minimize griefing.

05:15 – Mesh height entered at upload is not working.

06:05 – LoD and bounding boxes issues… not going to be sorted by next week.

06:00 – Orientation of mesh in modeling programs and Second Life. To solve some if the mesh and physics problems they will be handled with the addition of a prim as the root of the animesh. Also see 15:15 and 17:15.

09:15 – Trying to get Animesh out for months. So, while not a ‘rush’ they do want it out and in use.

10:00 – Discussion of bounding box encroachment for a large dragon discussed.

11:40 – Wing tips can more than 10m from rez point. The near-point of the bounding box has to be within 10m. The idea is not to limit model size but how far the critter can wonder away from the rez point.

12-30 – What else is going on? Lots in Bakes On Mesh…

13:10 – Not sure which RC channel the Animesh server roll will go to…

14:30 – How long will Animesh be in RC? Unknown, depends…

19:10 – Not everything in animesh will be fixed by the time it goes live… But, enough it is useable for testing.

20:20 – Anchor Linden updates UG on Bakes On Mesh. I don’t understand what has changed. But, there are more channels for BoM to use.

21:20 – Discussing BoM and alpha channels… Seems the new channels do NOT have alpha channels… Oops. That will eventually get straightened out…

22:40 – Will Bakes On Mesh be for more than wearable textures? I suppose they are considering baking layers to prims? Whatever, no.

23:21 – ETA for BoM? None. Still defining the project… which I find interesting. We usually don’t hear about a project until it is pretty well defined.

24:20 – Nothing new on scripting for bakes.

25:28 – LoD – GLoD discussion. LoD = Level of Detail, these models are sub models of the mesh items. Each sub-model is only seen from father and father away. Since the farther away you are from an item the less detail you can see, the models are made with progressively fewer polygons. There are four models for all mesh items. The high-poly that you see when standing next to the item. Then 3 seen from progressively farther away.

Modelers have to build the four models. OR… they can have the viewer build the 3 lower poly models. GLoD is the part of the viewer that builds those models. So… Generate LoD = GLoD (27:00). GLoD is infamous for building poor models of anything but simple shapes.

27:30 – Upload costs are part of the ARCTan revision to ACI and LI calculations. The idea is to make sure things that render slowly get charged appropriately. However, ARCTan is not likely to change upload costs on Animesh.

38:00 – Cathy Foil Bento Issue. If you are a Maya user you will want to hear this. Seems those doing couples and multiple avatar animations have run into a bone naming problem. See 44:00 for web page with bone and bone alias list.

Not much of interest from here on… Ends at 45:00±. (Thanks to time compression.)

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