Tatara by Yuzuru

If you are looking for an easy way to make mesh things, this is for you. Yuzuru Jewell makes a collection of tools for making things you can upload to Second Life™. A new version of Tatara is out. Inara has done a quick review of it. See: Tatara: a furnace for creating sculpts and mesh.

In same shop as Tatara

In same shop as Tatara – A PINK tank! Wow!

The collection consists of: TATARA and ROKURO Pro SOMATO, SHIBORI, NOMI, and KUMIKI Serial Box Shop. You can find them here: KANAE PROJECT. I don’t know if Yuzuru’s tools were used to make the tank. I just thought it too nice not to show.

There are versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Some versions come in both 32 & 64-bit.

You can get a free 3 day trial of the software from the web site. If you like it, you purchase a license in-world at: Phasic Foo. Tatara licenses cost L$500 (US$1.95). I recommend you visit the store whether you decide to buy Tatara or not. There is some neat stuff there. I wasted a bunch of time there, but it was great fun.

Tarara is easier to learn than Blender. It is not as powerful as Blender, but it is easier to learn. The $2 price shouldn’t stop anyone and it is easier to learn. Oh… check Inara’s review and if you’re interested see the tutorials at: Yururu’s Tatara blog. And… did I mention it is easier to learn than Blender?

2 thoughts on “Tatara by Yuzuru

  1. Unless something has changed, the documentation is not terribly helpful. Not the fault of the author- I don’t speak Japanese and she uses a machine translation 🙁 Result- I for one still don’t get it. I love the simpler Rokuro, but Tatara has consistently beaten me.

    • Oh… 🙁

      I understand the translation problem. I often have to think about what Yuzuru is saying to make sense. He does have someone helping him with translation. He is planning more tutorials for Tatara.

      I do have keys to Tatara. Yuzuru gave them to me at the SS meeting yesterday. I’ll download it. Then see if can add to the tutorials.

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