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I had never heard of realityPaint until I saw a posting in SLUniverse: 3D Painting for Second Life characters… This program is the descendent of Blacksmith3D-Suite. Both seem to be big in the Poser community.

realityPaint Site

realityPaint Site

It seems the developer of this US$99 to $199 program, depending whether you want standard or pro, is asking the Second Life™ community what they would like to see in the program for use with Second Life.

The specific questions asked are:

  1. I understand that custom meshes have been introduced into Second Life. Do people still develop Sculpted Prims for many things, or are Meshes favored?
  2. Are the male and female avatars exactly the same as there were a few years ago? Same UV texture mapping?
  3. Have they introduced any form of custom morph targets for avatars, other than the standard sliders for body shape.
  4. As far as marketing is concerned, are there people in the SL universe who can act as “marketing agencies”, where I can provide them with banners and links, and they can post them in various locations in the grid, to keep an ongoing presence? What sort of rates should I expect to pay ( in U.S. dollars) for such services?

The peeps at SLUniverse are chiming in to answer those questions and provide more insight as to what is needed for working with Second Life.

If you have a specific need that no program is meeting, this may be a chance to get it handled.

2 thoughts on “Help for realityPaint

  1. I hope this is not just limited to SL only. The OpenSimulator community, in particular many of the educators and similar could certainly make excellent use of this.

    • We use the same avatar in both SL and OpenSim… So, I doubt they care where suggestions come from.

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