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On Flickr I came across an interesting image of a photographer’s viewer screen. I used the image in a previous article. But, in that article I didn’t say anything about the information Kerri Fegte included in the image description. You may not have seen the information, which I think is good enough it is a must read for any photographer shooting models.

Oh, Monday, you're such a Tool Meme 1.20.14

Oh, Monday, you’re such a Tool Meme 1.20.14 by Kerri Fegte, on Flickr

This is a wonderful collection of tools. Add some of these and the Black Dragon Viewer or Firestorm Viewer tools and your talent… you’ll be making pro quality snaps. You’ll have to find you own model with photogenic legs.


Evolution by Kerri Fegte, on Flickr

Kerri’s image and posting were inspired by one of Strawberry Singh’s Monday Memes.

4 thoughts on “Second Life: Photography Tools

  1. My eyes! All those HUDs… everywhere… and then Firestorm users complain that my Snapshot floater is too big…

    And all this to have a pretty basic picture which is partly heavily post processed afterwards anyway…

    Look at what i work with: My Screen

    • I do like your side bar control. But, it is not enough. Posing the avatar, finding pose-animations, and controlling the photo-lights are important to and necessary for many.

      I do find the settings I need in your sidebar much easier to use than FS’ Photo Tools.

      • Yea but i’m not talking about the sidebar, i’m talking about the overall cluttering that so many HUD’s cause and the very ironic complain that the UI is too big (especially Firestorm users complaining about my Snapshot floater). It’s just funny and sad seeing the HUD of other people, even worse when those people with a full HUD are those complaining that the UI is too big. I do all my snapshots with nothing more than the Machinima Sidebar and the Windlight Editor (obviously), i could leave the Machinima Sidebar and use Preferences instead but still, i don’t use a million HUD’s for lights and animations and pose stands and what not. The #1 HUD seems cool tho, moving every joint how you want it is something i always wanted to add into the Viewer (i will do it at some point, i don’t care how hacky it will be, this is an absolute MUST)

        • You have noticed humans are not always rational?

          Having a better way to pose the avatar and tweak poses not made for a specific size avatar would be a plus.

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