Second Life: Intellectual Property Rights Poll

This morning I see Canary Beck is running a poll on IP-Rights and Second Life™. Add your input. The poll closes June 9th at noon SLT/PDT. That is tomorrow. Please let others know about the poll.

Share Your Views On Intellectual Property And Second Life In Time-Limited Survey. Her article leads to New World Notes where the 35± question survey is. Remember. It closes the 9th. Do it now.

Love doesn't ask why

Love doesn’t ask why by Kaelyn Alecto, on Flickr

I found a couple of questions ambiguous and a couple of others written such that they should have offered the choice: depends. But, I’ll wait to say anything more to avoid possibly biasing the poll.

Drop by and take the poll. It is mostly an easy 3-answer multiple-choice survey. I was through it in less than 5 minutes.

Do #SL Mesh Clothes Fit

If you have not read: #SL Mesh Deformer Debate Update now would be a good time.

We have an estimate for the cost of getting the computer code written for a Multiple Base Shape Deformer. We have some of the money pledges and only need to raise less than US$1,000. Our problem is convincing the Lindens it is needed and wanted.


Mesh Sandbox 20

There is some discussion ongoing in several places. But, check out SLUniverse where I wrote:

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