Second Life – Please tell us…

Mesh Body Addicts is running their first survey of 2017. Please stop by and answer the questions. There are only 13… Luckily it isn’t Halloween. No fear.

See: Mesh Body & Head Survey 2017

I’ll have more to say about this video in a following article.

Daria lists 26 bodies in the survey when asking which you wear most often. 26! Plus, “other”… Amazing. In only a few months we have a load of competing brands and models. Continue reading

Second Life – Firestorm Survey – Help?

Canary Beck is now the ‘marketing manager’ for the Firestorm team. The team has taken on the mandate to improve a Second Life™ user’s experience. The marketing manager’s job is to persuade people to try Second Life. So… how can you help?



The easiest thing to do today is click over to Canary’s site and answer two questions: New survey: Would you refer a friend to Second Life?

It appears this information is part of an effort to figure out how to shape the Firestorm Gateway experience.

Second Life: Intellectual Property Rights Poll

This morning I see Canary Beck is running a poll on IP-Rights and Second Life™. Add your input. The poll closes June 9th at noon SLT/PDT. That is tomorrow. Please let others know about the poll.

Share Your Views On Intellectual Property And Second Life In Time-Limited Survey. Her article leads to New World Notes where the 35± question survey is. Remember. It closes the 9th. Do it now.

Love doesn't ask why

Love doesn’t ask why by Kaelyn Alecto, on Flickr

I found a couple of questions ambiguous and a couple of others written such that they should have offered the choice: depends. But, I’ll wait to say anything more to avoid possibly biasing the poll.

Drop by and take the poll. It is mostly an easy 3-answer multiple-choice survey. I was through it in less than 5 minutes.

Do #SL Mesh Clothes Fit

If you have not read: #SL Mesh Deformer Debate Update now would be a good time.

We have an estimate for the cost of getting the computer code written for a Multiple Base Shape Deformer. We have some of the money pledges and only need to raise less than US$1,000. Our problem is convincing the Lindens it is needed and wanted.


Mesh Sandbox 20

There is some discussion ongoing in several places. But, check out SLUniverse where I wrote:

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