Second Life – Please tell us…

Mesh Body Addicts is running their first survey of 2017. Please stop by and answer the questions. There are only 13… Luckily it isn’t Halloween. No fear.

See: Mesh Body & Head Survey 2017

I’ll have more to say about this video in a following article.

Daria lists 26 bodies in the survey when asking which you wear most often. 26! Plus, “other”… Amazing. In only a few months we have a load of competing brands and models.

I am a Slink fan. I started with Slink feet. I got the package; flat, medium, and high. Then Hands, the full pack. Then added the Physique body. When the hands updated from static to dynamic (Bento) for free, I was so glad I went with Slink. The recent body update with the addition of materials for clothes has me playing with things I can make. I’m a Slink fan.

But, I am bummed at the limited selection of things made for Slink. Fortunately, most of the things I want I can find for Slink. However, there have been a few things I would have bought if they had a Slink version.

Also, a number of merchants make Slink clothes with way poor fit. So, I have learned the Slink logo on something does not mean it fits. Try the demo.

As yet there is no Slink-Bento head. I’m waiting. In the meantime, I am playing with other Bento heads.

Hand animations seem to be moving toward a generic category. I’m not sure that will happen with facial animations. Only time will tell of Bento Mesh Heads are similar enough to support generic facial animations.

With Supplementary Animations on the Linden near-term to-do list… similarity would be helpful. Fortunately, it won’t be mandatory. We will be able to load our own default supplementary animations and keep our head and animations compatible.

For now, the Bento human add-ons are nails, ears, tails, makeup, rings, and wings. Visiting the eBento Event I found many of the products offered were for Bento Heads, which for now leaves me out. Oh well…

Still, I am thrilled by all the new mesh and Bento Mesh stuff coming out.

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