Do #SL Mesh Clothes Fit

If you have not read: #SL Mesh Deformer Debate Update now would be a good time.

We have an estimate for the cost of getting the computer code written for a Multiple Base Shape Deformer. We have some of the money pledges and only need to raise less than US$1,000. Our problem is convincing the Lindens it is needed and wanted.


Mesh Sandbox 20

There is some discussion ongoing in several places. But, check out SLUniverse where I wrote:

OZ is of the opinion that a single base shape will be good enough and that some improvements in the weighting of the avatar will suffice.

Others of us doubt that. See:

Oz is planning to do more testing by having those attending the Open Source UG come to a meeting using the Deformer Project viewer and wearing mesh that gives an example of how the Deformer does or does not work. I have yet to hear a time and place decided.

Charlar Linden, and I suspect Oz Linden, did not feel mesh clothes would be that popular as mesh items. So, the Lindens developing mesh at the time skipped adding things that would have made mesh clothes better and easier to make.

This time around they think all but a few extreme shapes will be happy with the single base shape. I think stats are lacking and the geeks’ viewpoints are misleading once again. When was the last time you saw a Linden change clothes more than once every 4 or 5 years?

We have an estimate from Karl/Qarl for adding the ability to have alternate base shapes. We have about half the funding and will need to raise less than US$1,000 if we can move ahead on the project.

What we do not have is the opinions and hard evidence to deliver to Oz that multiple base shapes are needed and wanted by a significant number of users.

My thinking is the max hip/butt w/gi-normous boobs people that are so prevalent in SL and fashion are invisible to the Lindens. They don’t follow fashion. They probably consider CPU and memory cache mating excellent porn. :hamsterlove:

Convincing the Lindens is going to be difficult. As a group, users are not credible. So, we need fashion designers to provide their input. So… reach out to the designers working in mesh that you know and ask them to help by providing information… in this case we need numbers on complaints regarding fit and lack of sizes to fit shapes to be able to cross the user to geek language barrier.

We probably need a poll to gather information to be convincing. So, I put one up. Now, the challenge is getting more than 100 people to take it.

See:  (this article)    (Reference)

So, here is the poll. Get your friends and favorite designers to stop by and take it. Comments are welcome.

Are you a Mesh Clothes Designer?

  • No (67%, 222 Votes)
  • I'm trying (17%, 56 Votes)
  • Yes (16%, 51 Votes)

Total Voters: 329

Do mesh clothes fit your shape?

  • Close (44%, 147 Votes)
  • No (24%, 80 Votes)
  • Yes (21%, 71 Votes)
  • Not Even CLose (12%, 39 Votes)

Total Voters: 337

Do you think a single base shape for the Deformer will work?

  • No, multiple base shapes are needed. (64%, 218 Votes)
  • I have no clue. (25%, 86 Votes)
  • Yes, only ONE male and female shape are needed. (11%, 36 Votes)

Total Voters: 340

This poll will run until I close it. But, we need information for convincing the Lindens this month. So, please get the word out.

55 thoughts on “Do #SL Mesh Clothes Fit

  1. I think it’s time for this project to launch to the grid. Investing more time (and money) optimizing the deformer with multiple base shapes still won’t make everyone happy and certainly won’t make mesh work in every situation. I say put it out there and if a group of people need additional base shapes they can pool their resources and fund the additional work.

  2. My avi is small-short, with small breasts (by SL standards) and more muscle. Almost NOTHING fits me. I am waiting for some designer to realise that not all avis have huge breasts and butts. I figure I have tried on around at least 50 pieces of mesh clothing and have found 3 that actually will fit me. I suspect there are more like me inworld that want to spend money on mesh, but can’t because right now we don’t exist to designers.

    I don’t mind changing my avi somewhat to fit into clothes, but I really have no intention of becoming a clone of everyone else in order to wear mesh.

    • FYI Aliselia, I’m curvy, not extreme curvy. Nothing comes close to fitting me either. Don’t assume they’re designing for huge breasts and butts, they’re not I assure you.

  3. I went on a bit of a rant about this here:

    The upshot is that I have no confidence that multiple base shapes will give me any better fits that a single one does, so I am highly sceptical whether it is worth the additional complexity.

    But I also wonder if we need explicit base shapes at all, or whether we could go the other way around, and let people freely designate an “optimal fit” slider shape with each upload, and key off of the difference between that and the shape in use. Then it would be up to the designers just which shapes they would optimize for.

    Is there some reason why this would not work?

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  5. ugh i just want this on the grid already.. so much has already been spent on it, and weve seen no results at all. i think that mesh already comes close to fitting enough people, why go back to the drawing board yet again and delay this again? just do it for one base shape and make it work. sheesh.

    • I understand your point of view. I don’t share it. Some of us are willing to wait and try to get something better. But, you are not alone in your impatience. Thanks for voicing an opinion.

  6. I head from a friend that under the current system that LL has in place, mesh deformers would produce epic lag when attaching items to the av. So imagine in a shop with everyone trying on demos, it would create an insane amount of lag. Although I think it might work though, if LL really worked on it (and we know their track record though)

    • The difference in performance between 0.2 and 0.3 is considerable. I suspect your friend is basing their opinion on rumor rather than fact.

      Consider that this is very much alpha or even pre-alpha code. So, it is likely to be slow. Also, AFAIK, this code runs viewer side and has no impact on the SL servers.

      You can get a copy of the Deformer Project viewer and test it yourself. I’ll be doing several Mesh Deformer experiments in the next couple of weeks. I’ll try to remember to check FPS rates.

    • Kitty, LL doesn’t have a system in place, that’s why karl and Max undertook to build a deformer solution. Your friend may not be terribly well informed, and this really does sound like random rumor – and I know the track record residents have with that. 😉

      As Nal notes, the deformer runs viewer side. I can see that in the case that a lot of deforming calcs are going on concurrently there could be a slow down. The case of a store with maybe 8 to 10 people on screen trying clothes on and triggering deforming calcs would be a good one to try. Then someone could post actual information about it.

  7. Thanks for running this poll. I’m glad you did because I don’t think mesh designers realize that some of us put a lot of time into creating our own shapes, and don’t care for stock shapes at all.

    • There are a number of designers that are very aware of the problems. It is also well known that people do not like to change their shape.

      There is a lot of interest in the Deformer and mesh clothes.

      • I’m glad to hear that, Nalates. Mesh has such great promise, but I’ve been very disappointed. my big complaint is i don’t like huge boobies. i am still experimenting with mesh though.

  8. My limited understanding on mesh leads me to avoid buying any thing related to mesh, if friends wear mesh, usually get told , cant you see you, etc. Will post your poll on my twitter , good luck wiith your quest !

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    • Its one of those things where our viewpoints and experience are so different we have trouble communicating and understanding each other.

  10. For context: In order to ship Mesh content support I had to defer a lot of features. I did cut additional work on avatar mesh content to focus on the problems remaining around in-world mesh. If I hadn’t done that deferring, as well as other stuff, mesh would not have shipped. *At all*. I’m not kidding.

    I told the beta users this – and they were sad; some got grumpy. I thought that they would not immediately start making mesh items for avatars. I was *obviously* wrong. People did really great work, right out of the gate. I didn’t have any engineers available to do any of the work needed, not for months.

    If I had it to all over again, I would have probably temporarily turned off rigged mesh support in the uploader. Then more of you would have called for my sacking (thank you for your support).

    • That somewhat points to the project having needed more engineers, AND more testers, during its development.

      I can fully understand not expecting it to be as popular as it turned out. I have trouble understand anyone who did not believe what type of content would be popular. But it seems your misread was just the level of popularity – and again I can understand that.

      SL users have a habit of being amazingly resistant to change – V1 is still around after all. So it was reasonable to expect Mesh would not take off quickly and there would be time to deal with this.

    • @CharHite: (Getting off-topic here, sorry) – I just want to thank you for all your hard work on getting mesh out to the grid. Having experimented during the beta period (with mesh structures mostly), I learned a ton of useful things in regards to SL optimisation, land impact etc – from you and others on the mesh forum.

      So yah – you have my sincere gratitude. Mesh has totally transformed what I can do creatively in SL. I fully appreciate your efforts during the rollout (especially knowing you were working with very limited resources), and I miss your presence on the forum. I just want to take this opportunity to voice my personal thanks to you here.

      Thankyou Char 🙂

  11. I want my clothes to fit me, not me fitting my clothes. My avie isn’t perfect, she’s not 8′ tall, she isn’t built like a pron movie star … but she’s me, that’s who I am. I’m happy with her and won’t change her for some fashion hype.

    So, yes, of course I bought some mesh pieces, I can see where they are better and yaddayaddayadda … but mesh clothes are no use for me if they don’t fit 100%.

    And again, NO, I won’t make my tits bigger, NO, I won’t fatten up my ass, NO, I won’t go for a mothership hip, and NO, I won’t grow!!!

    • Look at the standard sizes kit again.

      The XXS size might be the one you want. That or XS. Always worth seeing if its close.

      Those sizes relate to bust-waist-hips, not height or body width.

      • They do, however, not have any variation in shoulders and muscle. The smaller sizes will likely clip deep into the arms of anything but stick figures.

  12. What the heck did they think we’d all use mesh for? sexbeds?
    Linden bears?
    Griefer tools in sandboxes?

    Seriously – of course it would be used mostly for clothes.

    EVERYTHING in SL flows that way.

    Do they not run any form of analytics on their own marketplace? Just look at what’s listed.

    Ok, say maybe 99% of people are buying prefab houses and genital props, and every merchant in SL is lacking a clue and making the wrong content. But I doubt this, just a wee tad, I doubt this…


    Oh well.

    My shape is only a close fit BTW, because I changed it a little to match the closest one of the “standard sizes”. If I hadn’t done that, it would be a somewhat fit – I just happened to be so close to one of those shapes that you need to squint to see the difference when my avatar is unclothed.

    BUT that tiny difference, is the difference between half my body popping out or not.

    I’m from the Poser Community – which is a lot more advanced on morphing avatars. I’ve worked with ‘Wardrobe Wizard’ for years. Its essentially a higher end version of the deformer.

    These things are not perfect, and the further you get from base starting point, the worse the final result.

    We will need at -LEAST- 5 bases for each gender. I would do 6. One as “ruth” – the results of hitting ‘create new shape’ – the other 5 the popular standard sizes because those can cover a fairly wide range.

    Deforms from that list will look good on about 80% of people.

    Deforms from just “ruth”, maybe 20-40% of people will have something that looks good from common camera angles; and will have to wear prim/sculpty clothes to cover up poking triangles…

    • In hindsight it is so obvious. To residents it is so obvious. But, in the Lab the Lindens don’t have our experiences.

      Charlar posted at the same time you did, or at least your comments are getting approved in the same batch. Check his to get some insight into how the dark side (teasing) sees things.

      Running stats on the MP wouldn’t have helped. One had to decide how many Photoshop users would make the transition to Blender/3DS/Maya. I find it surprising how many do seem to be making the transition. But, at the time everyone would have been guessing on that factor.

      Thanks very much for the Poser info.

      • Actually, this reminded me of one more thing. Almost all the beta users were in-world content makers. We only had one or two Adult content creators. The clothing makers were apparently lurkers (damn you Elie Spot, et al!). If you think all the mesh stuff is clothes and genitals, you’re doing some amazing artists a disservice.

        Yes, some Lindens are completely uninterested in Second Life, and to them it’s like making dog food, in that they’re never going to willingly eat it.

        Some other Lindens spend hours and hours in SL a week, outside of their job. They have a grip. We knew clothes would be a hit, but if I’d kept everything we needed to fix/build, none of the project would have been released.

        I’ve said it before, and for some reason got mocked, but I am sorry I couldn’t get it done, and so were the hardworking folks on the projects.

        Sorry, I’ll stop whining.

        • I rip on the Linden viewpoint. I know I often let the brush get wide. But, the Lindens I do know that spend time in SL still tend to focus on the things that interest them. I seldom see Lindens change clothes or hair. Most of the money I’ve spent, not counting rent, has gone for clothes/shoes/hair. I think that strongly colors how residents and Lindens evaluate things.

          I’m not saying that is bad. But, those different viewpoints make communication difficult and assessments of options end up in different decisions. We see and evaluate things differently.

          Few understand the limits you had to work with. Resources are not valued or considered until one has to pay for them.

        • I was just tossing genital props in there for humor – as a sort, if not this, what did people expect would be popular?

          And that is a pretty popular type of content in SL.

          It is sad that your beta testers ended up being a different crowd than the crowd that has become the content driving crowd. But also predictable. Again, hang out at builder sandboxes and classes and you’ll see people making scripts, sculpties, houses, props, vehicles, and such… but look to the merchant community and its largely the fashion folks, and they turn out content at insane rates.

          Granted, a LOT of it is via templates some builder sold to them – and that is now again true with mesh fashion. A very large amount of mesh fashion is template copy work of the same items in new colors / textures.

          I’m sorry what I typed sounds like an attack – the lindens have become amazingly absent from public view over the last year, and it makes the communication end up always feeling hostile.

          Put my comments in context of the blog statement:
          “Charlar Linden, and I suspect Oz Linden, did not feel mesh clothes would be that popular as mesh items”
          – That is what I was replying to.

          That perception on blogs and elsewhere, gets driven by us not really hearing any counterpoint all that often. So it is very nice to see you posting what really drove the issues. It makes it a lot easier to understand. Now if I read a statement like that again somewhere, or am about to make that statement myself, I can hopefully remember your words here instead first.

          BUT, you still need to convince them that one base model will not do. 🙂

    • I think it goes without saying that if base shapes are implemented, it really should not just be 6 versions of a runway model with different size breasts (and the equivalent for males). The current “Standard sizes” are a *lousy* fit for a lot of people, as has been mentioned several times even just in these comments.

      As surprising as it may seem to those who advocate the existing standard sizes (and, it seems, by extension, that those should be the base shapes for the deformer), you really *can* vary your body along a lot of other parameters..

      • Then perhaps it’s time for another survey to gather more of the range of shapes? LL does theoretically have all that data, but it’s difficult to parse through it and pull out things like tinies, giants, animals and other outliers that no one is actually buying clothes for. You want to cover the 80% of used avatars extremely well, and then do what you can for the more extreme shapes.

        Also, your mention of the male shape (there are males in SL?) reminded me – how well is the deformer handling shapes based off of the Male base?

        • I mentioned the question offhanded above, but since we have you here, and you know how things work:
          Do we need hardcoded base shapes at all, or could the deformer key off of the difference between a designated “shape this is fitted to” and the currently worn shape of the user?

          Of course, it would likely make sense for creators to optimize their workflow around a known set of shapes, but it would be an evolving convenience rather than a hard coded requirement, and you could use something else with no ill effect if you needed to, say, create a mesh for a known outlier shape.

          I.e., when you upload a rigged mesh, you also designate the slider shape it fits optimally without deformation.
          Could this work? It seems to me to me to be a lot better than enforcing some arbitrary shapes given by who happens to see a more or less random poll.

  13. As far as clothes go I’d like to see the ability to define the shape the mesh clothing was defined for (via a UUID) at upload time. You could design a few sizes and let the morpher fit things from there. That way you would get a better fit overall and things like buttons wouldn’t be deformed as much. Doubt I will see it, but how much harder would that be to implement?

  14. Tali and others are right – the current “standard sizes” don’t really fit much better than a basic Ruth shape, for those of us who’ve done a lot of tinkering around with our shapes.

    And, of course, because we have done all that tinkering around … well, we did it to present ourselves with our preferred body image in SL. So I, at least, am not greatly interested in knocking myself into a new shape just to conform to a set of standard sizes for clothes! And I suspect others will feel the same way.

    There is a lot of shape variation out there, and the current standard sizes don’t really come close to accommodating it. Rather that the XXS – L ratings currently on offer, it might be worth thinking about some better approximations to the styles of avatars out there. How about “slim and willowy”, “buxom and voluptuous”, “athletic and muscular”, “gamine and petite”, or even – dare I say it? – “proportioned as in RL”? That might give more of us a better chance of finding an approximate matching base shape to work from.

  15. Based on the votes above, 70% of people are fitting or very close to fitting mesh clothing that’s currently available. Assuming a large portion of this is Standard Sized mesh clothing, it is showing that those sizes are a fairly accurate average. Those shapes are only averages, so the chances of them fitting people’s EXACT shapes are slim, but because we couldn’t expect designers to make 500 shapes for each garment and still be in business, we had to limit it to 5 per gender when averaging out our survey results. Using the Standard Sizes as a base for the deformer wouldn’t require anyone to modify their shapes, it would merely provide a less distorted fit for all the shapes within the range of each size. That means 100% of the “yes” people, 100% of the “close” people and a good portion of the “no” and definitely some of the “not even close” people would be covered. If LL decides to run another survey that would be great! I’m not advocating using Standard SIzes as a base because I gain anything personally from it, I just really do believe its a more accurate average and range than people give it credit for.

    • I’ll generally agree with this.

      I still wish I had some idea of the details behind that survey. It seems the product appeared out of nowhere and I’ve not found anyone who ever heard of a survey being done.

      BUT the end results were good. I found my main and all my alts came close to one of the measures – and I found it trivially easy to adopt proportionately anatomically accurate avatar shapes to standard sizes without losing proportionality.

      – They’re a good set of 5.

      The key is that mesh really only affects a small number of the shape dials. Dials that relate to the bust-waist-hips. You can still be tall or short, thick or thin – and the mesh will stretch to fit that.

      But the dials it affects are critical, and you need a good set of bases as a starting point.

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  17. If something akin to the Standard Sizing was included in the deformer itself, to help reduce mesh and texture distortion, I believe it would go a long way to helping the issue. With so many variations of the default SL AV out there, having a greater variety of AV base shapes for the deformer to work with, I assume, would greatly assist in addressing the distortion problem.

    Personally, my own AV tends to fit fairly well with most mesh clothing – I am relatively standard in shape, a little bit on the petite side. For me, the deformer itself would be of assistance to getting mesh clothing to fit me more “snugly” without the gaps I get now.
    (At the moment, I make mesh clothing purely for my own personal usage. I have the advantage that I can make clothing to suit my own shape. The deformer (in whatever format it is eventually released in) would still be of use to me though – allowing me to adjust my mesh clothing for that final bit of tweaking inworld).

    Something which I believe many in SL are missing the point on, is the usage of alphas to remove the AV poke-through issues. I have heard many residents saying that they refuse to use alphas – and that the mesh clothing should fit them perfectly. It makes me roll my eyes… Having been around the Renderosity / DAZ / Poser circles for many years, I know that it is common practice to “hide” body parts that poke through clothing – or use morph targets to fix the issues (usually dependent on body poses). Alpha layers in SL are virtually the same principle – hiding the poke-through issue via alpha invisibility. Unfortunately, many residents see the usage of alphas as a “cop-out” on the part of the designers, rather than seeing it as a helpful way of getting a decent fit with the limits of what is feasible within SL itself.
    Personally, I can still see alpha layers as being very helpful when used in conjunction with the deformer when it is eventually released. There’s no harm in using all the tools available to help one get as nice a fit as possible with their mesh outfits. 🙂

    • Many modeling tutorials show removing the avatar’s clothes-hidden mesh. Other systems as you say use other means of hiding hidden mesh. I see no shame in using alpha layers. I use Blender-Photoshop to create my alpha layers.

    • A -LOT- of bad alphas contribute to this feeling of alphas as cop-outs.

      There are plenty of outfits in my collection now where from certain angles, if I use their alpha, I see empty space.

      Things like a gap between a skirt and my body, making me look like a genie floating above the skirt, or gaps around the neckline of an outfit – so thatin a camera angle from above there is space between what’s left of my chest and the outfit.
      – This can happen when using a standard size shape for a standard sized outfit; which just points to shoddy alpha-maps.

      Builders need to constrain alpha maps back to the spots that will poke through, and not to the entire space under the outfit.
      – Which in turns requires they have a known quantity to work with in terms of the shape underneath so that they can predict what will pop through.

      • I definitely agree – Badly designed alphas don’t help customer confidence at all… something I wish all merchants would do is to make their alpha masks full mod/copy perms (not sure if trans is needed?) – so that residents who are capable can at least tweak an alpha for themselves in a graphics program. Surely this is no danger to merchants’ IP in that regard (alpha mask only), but just a gesture of goodwill towards customers.

        Quite possibly merchants aren’t aware of this need or potential.

        And yah, a GOOD alpha mask allows for a “moat” between the edge of the mesh clothing and where the alpha itself shows on the AV – to avoid that awful invisible fringe effect.

        • Maeve, it’s very nice to hear someone speaking so thoughtfully.

          Actually I should say that everyone here is is really contributing to the conversation, which hopefully will be helpful in moving toward a solution.

          Your points about alpha layers are very true – it reminds me that we were working on some “best practices” docs with some residents just before I got axed. To be more specific, THEY were working on them and we were going to review and publish them on the wiki. Sadly I don’t remember the volunteers doing the work and can’t look them up now to see. I still think that would be really helpful in raising the overall bar for quality. Better artists/designers will still shine, but having the general state of mesh clothing improved will help with customer confidence.

          • (Not wanting to sidetrack this thread too much): Char – Yah, a good mesh info resource would be a great thing for everyone – it’s something I’d be happy to contribute my knowledge towards. My main experience is in mesh structures – I’ve been experimenting extensively with LODs, learning how to use them to best advantage to get seriously LOW land impact costs as a result. Lots of compromises involved, but when one knows how to make LODs work to their strengths, it is pretty powerful.

            That, combined with careful planning for repeated UV tiling and so forth (to get maximum visual diversity with a limited texture palette) – you can get some great results. I would definitely be happy to make my findings widely available when I get it all nailed (and written up accordingly).

            • Y’all should ping Nyx Linden about that. A long time ago in a galaxy far away I gave him a jira (at his request, mind you) to do something like that as well. It occurs to me that he might be a good resource to get it vetted and posted. The folks who did the Mayfair sim would also be good contributors – Damn I wish I could remember those other folks. They were on the forums…

  18. This is so frustrating, because I LL just isn’t listening to their customers. What DO they think people do in Second Life? Lots of things, but most females AND males like to wear LOTS of clothes. My husband, who is very much a ‘macho man’ buys just as much hair and clothes as I do. Your avatar is a way to express yourself, and we do that with clothes. Mesh clothing, when it FITS is FAR superior to just prim and texture clothing.

    • The Lindens do listen. The problem is residents often do not understand a subject/issue. The residents often present insane ideas, fail to understand the costs (labor, money, PR) involved in what they ask for, and do more drama than rational thought. So, the Lindens don’t give us a lot of credibility for very good reasons. In many ways they are like parents we disagree with. They are going to do what they think is best all around.

      They do read blogs, the forums, JIRA reports, and talk with various residents, both as Lindens and their secret Alts. They don’t read all of them and not everyday the ones they do read. They seldom respond to blogs and forum posts because of the drama. There are Linden haters that take every opportunity to spin anything a Linden says in the worst way. That tends to restrict conversation from Lindens.

      In this case Oz Linden is taking in a lot of feedback on the Deformer. While I put this poll up in the hope of shifting his opinion, it may do more to shift my opinion. Mesh Clothes do seem to be fitting better than I thought.

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  20. I might be missing the obvious, but did you close the poll?
    Looks like I can’t hit any of the “Vote” buttons, though my answers would be
    – “no”

    – “not *really* close” since I came from a chubby and stout hourglass-like shape with saddle bags and body fat, but low chest and butt numbers and ended up with the XS standard size on something like 92 body width to compensate. It doesn’t really resemble the original shape, but it’s not like there’s any other kind of compromise.

    – and I have no idea at all if it would take a single shape or several ones for the Mesh Deformer project to work well, because frankly, that discussion is way above my understanding. I’d only imagine that it could get quite confusing if there’s another set of information to look out for, besides permissions, rigged/non-rigged, Standard Size plus the basic shape info.

    Besides that, I’m not really a huge mesh fan yet. There are simply too many pieces giving the impression that they were just quickly hurled out into the market… I absolutely detest it if you sit down wearing a skirt and the person opposite you can see your hands on either side of the body, because the skirt (or pants) are transparent inside and only few items have a solid part inside preventing any “invisible upskirt” moments. I’ve been told such pieces miss something called “capping”. For a couple of items, I added plain black prims and tried to align them with the seam of the clothing – it works for a few pieces, but not too many, and frankly, it looks quite shabby as well.

    Plus, I’m not too found of many of the template mesh styles that saturate the market.

    My male alts would love to get more mesh clothes, but while I prefer the male Standard Sizes to the female version, there simply are way too few choices for guys IMO.

    So my dilemma is that mesh is either poorly made or I simply don’t like the style … or I look at clothing with sculpted parts (like bell bottom tops etc) and think, “I’d only get this if it was rigged mesh”. Hrrrm.

    • No… did not close the poll. I have upgraded WordPress since the poll started. So, that may have broken it. Anyone not able to vote?

      Which browser are you using?

  21. I think SL simply should be everyday more closer to RL. In RL clothes fit the person, not the person fits the clothes.

    So it is necessary to create a way that we all can adjust our clothes dynamically without moving our shapes and taking care that fit to any animation, so it doesn’t matter the animation or the shape the clothes stay right there in its place.

    We urgent LL to create a simple way to make clothes fit perfectly every avatar. I think mesh is not a way to approach to that. All the mesh clothes I purchased hasn’t worked for me. By now I won’t buy more mesh clothes because it is not fitting me.

    • It is a nice idea. But, it is not easy to accomplish. SL is doing something that not other 3D modeling system does. Not even Blue Mars is that great at it. They did some things better. But, the physics calculation of getting clothes to behave has cloth is beyond what computers can support in real time.

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