NSA, Google, and Games

Within the SL Blogospher several people are writing about the NSA listening to players in Second Life™ and other games like World of Warcraft™. Well, they are listening to our phones, reading our emails, tracking our Internet use (notice how often Google comes up in the results) and tracking our GPS locations. It should be no surprise that they are inside our games and listening to  us.

I’ll paint you the really dark picture of what is most likely happening.

The security teams are looking for any way that terrorists and bad guys can communicate. If that was all the information was used for, it would not be a problem. But, they are limited by law in the USA and they are breaking it. If they are willing to break one law for a supposed good reason, they will have little if any resistance to breaking others for what they consider good reasons. But, they are still breaking the law, something politically active citizens shape. 

We are currently seeing our governments misuse the information obtained for the use of the in-power political party’s advantage. In America we are seeing scandal after scandal on the misuse of government agencies. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has leaks from whistleblowers that are talking to Congress about faked unemployment statistics used to influence elections, the IRS has more lower level employees testifying how the agency is used to target political opponents, the same is happening over at the Labor Board, to prevent leaks the CIA is conducting MONTHLY lie detector tests of everyone involved in the Benghazi’s attack that killed Ambassador Stevens. Still CIA whistleblowers are talking to Congressional oversight committees and may blow open one of the worst sandals in American history. And Snowden is revealing more and more NSA transgressions on like a weekly basis. Most recent is the game thing.

Both political parties have skeletons in their closets and numerous reprehensible acts. The severity and lawlessness of the political elite is increasing. Anyone that trusts large government and career politicians is nuts. So, even listening in games is a problem for the citizens because of what it represents.

But, NSA listening in games is just 1-year-olds playing in the crib.

Now comes Google making the suggestions for: microphones in you ceiling and chips in your head. The idea is coming. If you are watching James Wood on the Science channel in the show Futurescape, you have an idea of what is coming. Machines that can read our thoughts are in development. Something like a hybrid cross between the Minority Report, a Tom Cruze movie – trailer below, and Person of Intertest,  a TV show – promo below, may well become reality. The Person of Interest scenario is being built in Utah now. The NSA PRISM program was the predecessor to what is being built.

Imagine Google selling all the convenience of the Internet in your head… while working hand-in-hand with the NSA. And this is with the ability to read thoughts in the works now. Remember. The natural progression of government is NOT toward granting citizens freedom. The natural progression is toward total dominance and control. Every law passed reduces personal freedom.

Misuse of the government’s ever growing power is an obvious, or should be obvious, problem.

  • We should be eternally vigilant against attempts to check the expression of opinions that we loathe. – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
  • The candle of liberty has always been kept lit by a vigilant few. – Russell Pearce
  • We in the United States should be all the more thankful for the freedom and religious tolerance we enjoy. And we should always remember the lessons learned from the Holocaust, in hopes we stay vigilant against such inhumanity now and in the future. – Charlie Dent

If you are not politically active, the government may grow to have so much control over us we cannot control it. Remember. Germany, prior to the Socialist take over in 1930, was a socialist leaning democratic republic won by a civilian revolution 1918-1919. That lasted until the great depression of the 30’s. Unemployment and a poor economy lead to the National Socialist German Worker’s Party’s (NAZI – it is worth your time to read this linked tp article) dominance of the government via anti-business, anti-bourgeois (anti-1%), anti-capitalist (anti free market) and the scientific development of propaganda as a political tool. Via Hitler’s charismatic personality and ability to persuade people with emotional propaganda Hitler took over the government in 1933; when he was given the power to write law, like a king, without the oversight or consent of the Reichstag, the German Congress. Historians consider this a major step in Germany becoming a one party government, in other words a group dictatorship. Bye-bye minority’s rights and free speech.

Those reading history will see the similarities of the past in today’s politics, especially in the USA. Neither major political party has your best interest in mind. Only now while you still have some freedom can you control the government. Letters, faxes, and especially phone calls to representatives’ offices have tremendous influence. You also must be well enough informed to vote in your best interest and be well informed enough to see through the propaganda and news omitted by a biased media.

So, this small thing of the NSA listening to you play a game is nothing… but, our acceptance of it is paving the way to far worse. So, it is something to be seriously concerned about and to do something about. Take action.

Contact Congress.

7 thoughts on “NSA, Google, and Games

  1. The German Democratic Republic or East Germany is an even better example for your article. Look up what they called “Zersetzung”. But just calling Congress is not the only solution. They care about Americans, but surveillance is a global problem. The NSA is just a few years ahead, soon Russia, China or North Korea will spy on us in the same way, not long even the Mafia will deploy those technologies. So the solution also needs to be a technical. We need secure systems and encryption and those systems need to be easy to use for everybody.

    • The reality is we cannot compete with governments and large organizations. Freedom is about controlling the government and laws so that we do not have to complete.

      • I think we can increasingly compete with the government and large organisations. Eventhough the Internet has been turned into a huge surveillance tool, it still gave the people a lot of power. There is much more transparency now, just 15 Years ago we had to rely on one or two large media corporations for our news and to educate ourselfs we had to visit schools or librarys. Today all the knowledge of the world is available to us 24/7 from any place. Then there is the whole maker movement which transferrs power from big manufacturers to individuals and not to forget bitcoins which have the potential to transform everything related to finance and really give the power back to the people. I am optimistic that we can beat the government one day and make them our servants instead of our rulers.

        • We disagree.

          If you are not politically active and striving to protect your freedoms, you will lose. Lost freedom is only ever regained by violent revolution and the loss of life. Governments know history and are working to prevent such revolution. DHS is building an internal army for use within the country.

          How does one defeat a government with nukes on the moon? With surveillance that prevents citizens organizing or communicating? Once lost it is very difficult to turn around.

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