US ambassador: Internet fee proposal gaining momentum

Treaties are moving forward to give control of the Internet to the UN. U.S.  Amb. Terry Kramer is quoted by Brendan Sasso.

Brendan Sasso  in and article on The Hill says, “The proposal by the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association could force websites like Google, Facebook and Netflix to pay fees to network operators around the world.

Democrats and Republicans in the United States are united against proposals to increase international control of the Internet. Congress passed a non-binding resolution earlier this year urging the United States delegation to ‘promote a global Internet free from government control and preserve and advance the successful multi-stakeholder model that governs the Internet today.’

Mostly countries that are totalitarian in Africa and Arab nations are pushing this. But, poor countries see the fees as a source of income. I suspect some want to extend Sharia Law to control the Internet, something women everywhere should oppose.

Everyone needs to be contacting their representatives in regard to the International Telecommunication Regulations Treaty. Tell them you oppose Internet fees.

CNET News: The United Nations is considering a new Internet tax targeting the largest Web content providers, including Google, Facebook, Apple, and Netflix, that could cripple their ability to reach users in developing nations.

Second Life™ users already know that Google is charging for translation services. What happens if Google has to charge a fee for search services to users in countries signing the treaty? What do you think that will do to free speech around the world.

Make a phone call. Write a letter.

We have until late December 2012.

2 thoughts on “US ambassador: Internet fee proposal gaining momentum

  1. I’v been reading about this issue for some years now, and am against any Govt taxing/ charging for what should be a given, If those fees are enforced by the carriers to such companies like Netflicks , Google etc, then we the end users will end up being charged.

    Bad news.

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