Hamlet’s Embarrassing Spin

Politics: It isn’t getting any better.

Hamlet has posted: Donald Trump Vice Presidential Shortlister Newt Gingrich Once Called for US Congress to Meet in Second Life. [sic] There are some surprising bits in this article. One would think Hamlet would be a fan of Second Life, on the realist side. But, still a fan. Check these points: 

Quote from New York News and & Politics: “…despite the crackpot nature of many of Gingrich’s many policy enthusiasms (his obsession with colonizing Mars is emblematic)…”

Now why would Hamlet include this quote about colonizing Mars being an example of Gingrich’s insanity?

NASA has a page on just that topic and they say, “”Ask NASA” Mars Colony Project Resources

Building a Mars Colony seems to be a pretty big project for many schools around the world. We receive more questions about this subject than any other. We thought it best to give this project it’s own page. These links are not categorized by age group.Reference

So are all the people interested in a Mars colony crackpots? NASA? Is Hamlet trying to make fun of Gingrich? If so, is this really the point to present to SL residents that tend to be more tech savvy than most and have an affinity for StarTrek? Inara and I follow Mars exploration… are we… well… Inara might be… I, of course, am sane… sorta…

Quote ibid: “Another crackpot idea Newt Gingrich actually executed: Visiting Second Life to give a speech while guarded by sexy avatar babe mercenaries…”

So, why is THIS crackpot reference included in an article on a site catering to SL residents who most likely think such an idea is pretty neat?

Hamlet’s 2011 article points out Mark Warner, a leading Democratic Presidential candidate, was stumping in SL too. That is omitted from Hamlet’s article.

So, I’m left wondering whether visiting SL is the crackpot thing or it is the sexy avatars which are the crazy part? Wouldn’t being derogatory toward the later later be a little sexist?

Some other people have thought of the idea of using SL for political activism.

There are those babes guarding Gingrich. Hamlet was in the middle of them. Check his 2007 article for a picture. So, I suppose he saw the green fairy heckling Gingrich and the sign she… it… carried. The irony is the fairy was objecting to big government, federal control. Where does a State’s Rights person fit into the Left’s agenda now? Federal Control is now a main plank in the platform the Democrats and Socialists run on. …and it is Gingrich that is the crackpot… But, skip anything that doesn’t fit TODAY’s agenda.

Then in the last sentence Hamlet doubles down on mainstream media’s current propaganda that Trump Supporters are racist, pornographic furries.

So, is he going for clicks? Or is he so simple he believes what he is writing has some measure of truth? Or maybe he is just on monkey see, monkey do trip… or chasing clicks…

My complaint is there is no discussion of the issues or facts. Trump’s main policy seems to be ‘It’ll be great, trust me.’ Hillary’s… pay no attention to the guy behind the curtain, I’ll give you lots of free stuff. Bernie’s, look behind Hillary’s curtain, not mine, and I’ll give you more free stuff.’ And all the candidates lie about the other guy. Mostly the media, educated at liberal collages, pushes the agenda they think best without reporting facts. And we have Ben Rhodes bragging about spinning an ignorant press core on the Iran Nuke Treaty.

Some campaign…

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