What is Happening with Animesh? – 2017-10-26

This week the CC UG met in ADITI, the Preview Grid. The regions with the name Animesh(?) have the Beta server software supporting animesh running. So, you get to see some actual animesh in action.

You’ll also see the problem of animation appearing to speed up when the camera is far away.

This week Medhue was having problems with the Internet and could not stream. So, his usual video is not available. I was hoping to catch some footage of animesh, so I was recording. So, you get mine.

I will try a bit different format this week. Let me know in the comments if it is better, more useful, or not.


Vir is working on getting Animesh ready for release. Currently solving the problem of getting animesh to work correctly when another type of prim is the root prim.

Silent Mole, she, is the one to answer questions about the content. I have no idea how to email her or any mole. I suppose a note card via IM. Continue reading

Second Life – Beta Animesh is HERE

This week the awaited project viewer for Animesh was released. See Second Life Project Animesh Viewer version here.

2017 Oct Animesh Test

Release Notes:

This is the first build of the Animesh Project Viewer. Animesh is a new feature under development that allows non-avatar objects to play animations like avatars do today. Animesh is still under development, so the new features will only work in supported test regions on Aditi. See the wiki page for details on how to get started with animesh. You can report problems with animesh in our JIRA and discuss it with other interested residents at the Animesh Forum .

For more information, see our blog posting.

This viewer ONLY works on the ADITI – Preview/Beta Grid.

Lindens are answering questions in the SL Forum. Please read the thread before asking your question.

The announcement for Animesh is here: Join the Project Animesh Beta – New Support for Animating Mesh Objects.

The details are in the SL Wiki here: Animesh User Guide.


The only place Animesh works is in the Preview Grid (click for info). If you have never logged into ADITI, you will need to try and likely fail. Then contact support and tell them you tried to get into ADITI for the first time and cannot get in. They’ll fix you up. Then you’ll be able to log in.


Medhue has some Bento tutorials that should help with animesh.

Otherwise, it is too early for tutorials. There are problems with animesh. The basic mechanics are working. But, amimesh’s right and left click behavior, various alignment issues, attachment issues, and Pathfinding integration have some issues.

Second Life: New Things


I missed the Content Creators UG meeting this week, lunch and drinks with friends. So, of course this is the week we got word from the Lindens that we are getting new shiny stuff, a new project: Animation Extensions.



The new extensions will extend how and what we can animate in s couple directions. First is what is being called Supplementary Animations. These are for the new Bento skeleton.

If you don’t animate in SL or haven’t been around forever, you probably don’t know there used to be just the avatar default animations (think duck walk) and the animations we played via script. Our Animation Overriders (AO’s) worked by the viewer continuously asking the server what out avatar was doing (walking, sitting, flying, etc.) and then telling the server which animation to play.  Continue reading

Pathfinding Rumors Persist

When Pathfinding was in development I had some concerns about how it would affect Second Life™ performance and especially about how hard it would be for region and land owners to implement. I wasn’t the only one. Rumors got started and region owners freaked out. The result is many turned off Pathfinding for their regions.

Surprisingly today, many region owners apparently still turn off Pathfinding thinking it is going to improve region performance. After all, if it isn’t running it can’t use up CPU cycles. Right? Wrong.

Whether Pathfinding is on or off the core functionality uses the same amount of cycles. Enabling or disabling Pathfinding is like enabling or disabling building in a region. The only affect is has on performance comes from whether people add prims or not. It isn’t the enable-disable that affects performance, it is the number of prims added. Otherwise, nothing in the server’s operation changes. This is just another setting that controls what people can do, not what the simulator does. Continue reading

#SL Best Practices

Jeremy Linden has been working on the Second Life(TM) wiki, the Best Practices for building, mesh, animation, and more. Check out the main page: Good Building Practices.


Revised Wiki Page

This page covers all the aspects of building or making just about anything in Second Life. If you are building with mesh, check this out. It covers several aspects of reducing Land Impact costs.

I would say the place is being spruced up for the coming entry into Steam. Whatever, it is nice to the wiki updating.

Treet TV’s Pathfinding Episode

Treet TV is an ongoing broadcast team presenting in Second Life™ and streamed on the web. Their studio is at Garden of Dreams. They present their shows there via Media on a Prim (MOAP) and on Parcel Stream. Each Monday at 2PM (SLT/PT) they have a new Designing Worlds show. At other times you can find other shows being presented. Happy Hunting has a regular show for hunters. Plus, there are drama shows and series with weekly episodes. Check out the full range at Treet.tv.

Cute Horatio Pathfinding Character


Monday October 8th Designing Worlds presented their interview with the Lindens on Pathfinding, the new feature in SL that I’ve been covering for months. Sandry Logan was interviewed on Isle of Dogs, which is the home of the Virtual Kennel Club of Second Life. They have a new line of trainable companion dogs. Check out the web site for more information.

Continue reading

Pathfinding Events Change

About the 6th of September Maestro Linden updated the Pathfinding Events. See the Wiki page: Event path_update. I hadn’t looked at the page for some time. So, I had not noticed until now.

Events are triggers for scripts. They are sort of thing that says: this just happened. You then have a chance to have the script do something in response. The Pathfinding events now include these things:


The green items are new.

Being able to detect when a region has disabled Pathfinding allows the scripter to move the character out of the area and restart it. That will stop PF Characters from piling up at the borders of disabled regions.

When I looked at the page the links from these items had not been added yet. So, we don’t have detailed information on each event. For instance at what distance does PU_SLOWDOWN_DISTANCE_REACHED trigger? Can one set the distance?

Eventually the pages will get written and appear. Until then we’ll just have to go with the short descriptions provided on the path_update page.


Pathfinding Update Week 38

Yesterday late in the day Lorca Linden made a post about Pathfinding (PF) in the SL Forum. You can see it here: Pathfinding FAQ.


Included in the information is the estimate that the Pathfinding Tools will be in the release viewer by the end of September. The release delay has been due to a viewer memory leak issue that has delayed all viewer releases. The leak is not in the PF code. But, the PF code is in the batch of updates with the leaky code. They are currently trying to separate the PF code from the other code and get the PF Tools released.

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