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Every so often I stumble on something that just so NEAT!!

Yay, Max Ellis! Thanks.

If you want to see some of the most awesome images on Flickr see Flickr’s Top 25 Images of 2015.

Also, if you haven’t, check out the Flickr Blog

Flickr has said they have an algorithm that finds the most popular images on their system. It is some combination of views, fav’s, and incoming links. The top image of 2015 got 89,106 views (as of today) and 26 fav’s. I take it that views and links are far more important than fav’s. I see SL images with far more fav’s.

I assume they have some filter preventing game photos being considered.

Looking for the best Second Life images is a challenge. I can easily find the most prolific image posters. Look in the popular groups.

Flickr Groups 2016

Flickr Groups 2016

The page lists the most prolific posters. Osiris has been posting since 2007. She doesn’t seem to have changed her viewer settings in all those years… My early images and current images look quite different as I moved from a GTX 8800, GTX 560, and currently a GTX 1060. Torley’s images start in 2006 and run to 2016. I see his image quality improving over the years.  But, many posting to Flickr appear to be using medium or lower graphics settings.



Some groups won’t accept any image that looks like an ad. Some ads are totally art. But, I understand the reason for the prohibition. Still, it does reduce the number of awesome images I see.

Trying to find other ways to search Flickr I found http://www.flickriver.com/. This is a fun way to see some awesome images. Searching on Second Life and filtering by RECENT provides a nice look at what people are posting. However, some ‘second life’ images are not from ‘Second Life’. I run into that problem a lot in other searches.

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