Second Life’s Jelly Babies – BUG?

The coming Quick Graphics Viewer now in RC has some odd behaviors. Well, it is an RC version, so no surprise. One of the ideas with this viewer is to reduce render lag by telling the viewer to avoid rendering complex avatars. These are avatars with lots of high polygon count attachments and large textures that require lots of computer power to render. The Candy Princess – byBewitched Difference @ Flickr There is a setting in Preferences*… Continue reading

Why There Will Be No Jelly Babies in Second Life

For some time I’ve been writing about Jelly Babies or by a more geeky name, muted avatars. They are a major part of the RC Quick Graphics viewer. The muted avatars are still going to be part of the viewer, we just won’t be calling them Jelly Babies. Render Auto Muting Jelly Babies is a trademarked name. So, the Lab won’t use it officially. Nor is it to appear in the SL Wiki or Knowledge Base. So, if we continue to call Jelly BabiesContinue reading

Are Second Life’s Jelly Babies Breaking SL?

As I have pointed out more people are talking about Jelly Babies and the coming RC Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version movement toward being the main viewer. Of course some know what they are talking about and others don’t. erratic / ava sweater & meg leggings High or low ACI? I think – Jelly babies will take over SL soon (AKA how linden lab is planning to break second life) – falls in the ‘doesn’t’ category…. Continue reading

Second Life: Jelly Babies Grow Up

That little baby girl grew up into the cutest DOLL… that is sort of what has happened with Second Life™ Jelly Babies. Earlier I wrote about the name Jelly Babies being trademarked. So, the Lab is not going to use that term for muted avatars. And I certainly am not going to call muted avatars muted avatars… ugh. That give no one an intuitive sense of what is being talked about. JellyDoll and Fully Rendered Avatar. I follow Mesh Body Addicts, a… Continue reading

Problems with Second Life’s Jelly Babies?

The RC Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version is available here. This viewer has this name because it lets us save our graphics settings. We can have a setting for shopping and another for taking pictures and quickly change between them without opening preferences. Handy. basement This viewer also has the new Avatar Render Complexity feature, the one that makes over blinged avatars rez as jelly babies. Now that the viewer is in… Continue reading

Jelly Babies – Render Muting

Inara made it to last Monday’s open source user group meeting where Oz Linden apparently talked about the Second Life Render Muting feature and where it is in the development pipeline. You may remember that a bug was causing the Jelly Babies to be invisible. That is fixed. Surfing at Teahupo’o 1 Now the feature is waiting on UI changes. Once those are complete we will get an RC viewer version with the feature. Inara is guessing sometime… Continue reading

Second Life: The Jelly Babies Are Coming

I went to the Open Source UG Meeting this morning. Not something I usually do. I had some questions and this UG is a good place to get certain questions answered. So… what is a jelly baby? The picture explains it better than words. Render Muting Effect The solid color avatars in the image are what we call jelly babies. I first heard Whirly Fizzle use the term. I like it. I’ve also heard avatars rendered this way called Gumby or Gummies. I… Continue reading

Avatar Complexity Update Week 37

Second Life™ is getting a new tool to hopefully induce people to reduce avatar generated lag; the Avatar Complexity Rating. I’ve written about it before and I am trying to play with the Project Quick Graphics Viewer version, which adds avatar complexity settings and notices. Complexity KB Value The notice that appears in the upper right of the screen just after login tells you your avatar complexity number. I suggested that it be… Continue reading