Problems with Second Life’s Jelly Babies?

The RC Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version is available here. This viewer has this name because it lets us save our graphics settings. We can have a setting for shopping and another for taking pictures and quickly change between them without opening preferences. Handy.



This viewer also has the new Avatar Render Complexity feature, the one that makes over blinged avatars rez as jelly babies. Now that the viewer is in RC we have a number of users testing the viewer. It is currently my main viewer. I am enjoying it.

The amazing Whirly Fizzle has found some bugs in the viewer. There is a thread in the forum where the issues are/can be discussed: Second Life 3.8.5 (305528) Sep 30 2015 07:39:20 (Second Life Release).

None of these bugs are deal breakers for me, but I don’t hang in highly populated areas (35+ avatars). I have to go looking for those places to test the viewer. In that hunt for populated places I have noticed that the new user landing areas fill up, 40 users. they aren’t all new users, the majority of people there are. But, there are a small number of advertising bots there too. Also, some older avatars. I understand why I’m there but I have yet to figure out what other long time users are doing there.

I believe the Complexity feature will be a major shaper of SL going forward. I expect that if this feature works well in SL and encourages more optimized building then we will see something similar in Sansar. It is a tech that empowers the users by giving them solid information on which to base decisions without limiting our freedom.

2 thoughts on “Problems with Second Life’s Jelly Babies?

  1. A new user landing point is probably the last place you want to go. Older avatars hang out there to get into some crazy voice conversations. There are people post insane voice chats on YouTube. I can just imagine what actual new users think about it.

    • Even in my limited time in the landing hubs, I filed a number of Abuse Reports. Mostly for people doing derogatory racial trolling…

      I suspect keeping the landing hubs civil would require 24×7 monitoring by SL Support. But, the change in user retention might make it worth the effort.

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