Why There Will Be No Jelly Babies in Second Life

For some time I’ve been writing about Jelly Babies or by a more geeky name, muted avatars. They are a major part of the RC Quick Graphics viewer. The muted avatars are still going to be part of the viewer, we just won’t be calling them Jelly Babies.

Render Auto Muting

Render Auto Muting

Jelly Babies is a trademarked name. So, the Lab won’t use it officially. Nor is it to appear in the SL Wiki or Knowledge Base. So, if we continue to call Jelly Babies Jelly Babies the new SL users won’t be able to find them in any of the SL reference material and documentation. Google won’t lead them to the right place and that is a real problem. If you can’t find it in Google, it doesn’t exist…

Jelly Babies™

Jelly Babies™

Officially the Lindens are referring to them as muted avatars. Boring! Oz has referred to them as rainbow people. Better. Someone was calling them oat faced avatars… funnier. But, not as descriptive.

The Lab is open to a good un-trademarked name for these avatars. So, while the JB name is sticking, it isn’t good choice for a number of reasons, which is really sad.

So… got a good suggestion?

10 thoughts on “Why There Will Be No Jelly Babies in Second Life

  1. muted avatars is the most bad name for it, or do i see avatars i mute in the same way ? muted avatars normally get invisible or a green cloud.

    • Agreed… We may distinguish between muted and blocked in the future. Or we may find another good name…

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  3. Maybe bleached avatars? Seems like a concept most people would understand instantly because of how bleach simplifies fancy colored clothing.

  4. mmmm Jellitars

    Nalates is this going to be part of all viewers in the future? Or is just going to be a special version of the official viewer or?

    • This feature is VERY likely to spread to all viewers. It will likely have a significant effect on lag.

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