Second Life News 2018 w28

Holiday is over. Lindens are mostly back to work and the no-change-window is open. Things are updating again.


The main channel stays on version # However, regions in the main channel are getting restarts. My home region in the main channel restarted Tuesday morning.

# ♥536

# ♥536

Blue Steel and Magnum will get a Wednesday update to version #

  • Additional Internal tweaks
  • Animesh Support

Le Tigre will roll to version # This is an updated Animesh version.

I thought the Le Tigre version would be the Animesh code with the updates from the current main channel version. I wasn’t too sure sure about that… Fortunately Simon Linden explained it at the Server-Scripting UG.

We’re going to update the animesh release on the RC channels tomorrow … what we have is basically ok but there were a few minor changes with logging info we wanted to fix up before putting it on the entire grid, so that’s going out tomorrow

We also heard a bunch about EEP, Enhanced Environment Project, at the meeting. Not really anything new. If you have been following my coverage of EEP then you have most of the information covered today. However, it was confirmed that there will be no LSL API/commands in the initial release. That will be phase-2 work.

I am also getting the idea the EEP controls and interface is going to REPLACE the current Windlight or Environment controls, whichever you call them. I think sort of eat them. Within the EEP asset editor we will find an interface very similar to WL controls.

It sounds like it may be much faster to change environment settings with EEP. As it is now I use Firestorm’s Photo Tools to change environment quickly. It is a feature I miss when I’m using the Linden viewer.


The default viewer is version This the ‘Unloop’ viewer with the Render Engine changes released in week #26.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – Last updated in week #26.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Last updated in week #10.

Second Life Project Animesh Viewer version – Last updated in week #26. Expect this one to go into RC status soon.

Second Life Project Bakes On Mesh Viewer version – This version was released in week #25.

Other Viewers

Black Dragon is changing the Poser Feature. Making it better and better. The latest change is for those making machinima, like NiranV. See the video. If you aren’t making video in SL then there is a lot happening in this video that you won’t pick up on. So, read the article about it. Black Dragon 64x – Update 3.1.9 “Falling Dragon” – July 6, explains what the change is and the unobvious complications in making it.

In a more recent article NiranV talks about what may be done with the Poser-Animator in the future. There are interesting possibilities. What we can only do with Blender and QAvimator may become a feature of the viewer. Well, probably a Blender little brother. But, still way neat.

Cool VL Viewer Released 2018-07-07. This is a bug fixes release.

Firestorm – More rumors that soon. But, no hard statements. Suspicions are the release is waiting on Animesh. When animesh advances to RC status then is when many think Firestorm will release.

Animesh may make it to RC status this month. You’ll have noticed in the server section that Animesh server side is likely to make it to the grid’s main channel next week #29. Usual caveats…

Kokua Viewer Release (NORLV) and (RLV) – A new version is out. This brings Kokua to parity with the Linden default viewer.

5 thoughts on “Second Life News 2018 w28

  1. “Le Tigre will roll to version # This is an updated Animesh version.”

    This was a mistake by Caleb Linden. He forgot to change the link from last week. If you go to server version #, scroll a bit to the top of the page. You will see a newer version is available also for LeTigre (same as for BlueSteel and LeTigre).

    BTW, your RSS feed has not been working for several days. At least not in igHome. Has anything been changed?

    • Thanks for the correction.

      The RSS was feeding the wrong image to Feedly. So, I changed the plugin to correct it. I did that last week. I’ll have to research igHome.

        • I’ve been checking to see what is up.

          The igHome support section shows a number of people have a similar problem with a number of sites. The consensus is the problem is with igHome. However, the usual problem is poorly formatted XML in the feed. Checking to see if my RSS XML validates I find the Black Dragon video generates invalid XML in the feed. My hope is that when that post ages off the front page the XML will be valid.

          I’m not willing to spend the time to dig through code to find why the BD video does not correctly format in the feed. It involves code in my site from multiple sources and depends on the WordPress Content Delivery Network, which could be source of the problem.

          Sorry for the problem. But it is way too complex a fix to figure out.

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