New Penny Patton Shapes Released

I like a lot of the work that Penny does with getting regions and avatars scaled to realistic proportions. So, when I saw that she had released new shapes I wanted to check them out. She has a blog article about them here: More Vitruvian Shapes!

The picture is one she made to show the difference between the Linden Made Shapes and the to-scale-shapes she makes and recommends.

Free Second Life Shapes

New Vitruvian Shapes by Penny Patton

You can find Penny’s Market Place here. The Vitruvian Shapes discussed are here. And the cost is: L$0, which you can’t beat. 

Free Second Life Shapes

Penny’s Free Shapes – Skin NOT Included

Her MP page links to her Second Life Camera Settings page. When using these shapes using her camera settings makes for an impressive change. I am so used to using the alternate camera settings for my defaults I am all OMG!, when a new install reverts them to system defaults.

Check them out and consider recommending them to new users.

If you are wondering about Vitruvian… The Vitruvian Man is a world-renowned drawing created by Leonardo da Vinci around the year 1487.

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