Metareality 2013-6

Metareality released a podcast Friday titled: Delusions. The Zanex people are going to love Drax.

Metareality Podcasts

Metareality Podcasts

Again I paraphrase rather than quote. So, listen to the podcast before reacting to anything you read hear.

0:00 – 03:00 Zanex talk… yadda yadda

03:00 – About my blog – I am going to have to have a sex change so I can stalk Drax…

04:25 – Linden Lab told scheduled guest they ONCE AGAIN couldn’t talk on the podcast about …some subject, so they were again a no show. This happened last week too.

05:00 – Linden Lab NDA silliness.

05:45 – About interesting comments coming in about the previous week. And Botgirl renewed her sponsorship of Metareality. Yay!

6:50 – What is happening in virtual worlds… that is exciting… or Drax delusions… you make the call.

10:00 – Validity of personal experience… to squandered potential… Ginsue Linden. Interesting opinions.

13:00 – Discussion on lag and first user experiences starts.

16:00 – Lack of resources for policing SL. Small part then back to first time user experience.

18:00 – Customize avatar…

20:20 – Drax on Patterns. Making it easier and engaging… Asks the listeners if it is possible to do the same in SL.

23:00 – Expectations management in SL.

24:00 – Why are people that left SL still evolved?

25:50 – Dio discussion starts. Simple, appealing.

29:00 – Colossal Cave…

30:00 – Elegance. Myst was elegant. But would not be in Dio. Segues into lack of elegance in SL Viewer.

33:30 – Developers need ways to change user interface for new players.

35:30 – Destination Guide needs search.

36:00 – Pam Virtual World Real Estate discussion starts. Relates to tier cost. Check out the link: The Virtual Real Estate Market.

39:50 – Materials Update

40:40 – Religion in virtual worlds, another link to check out: Buddhism in second life: Anthropologist studies spirituality in virtual reality

42:50 – Healing inner avatar. Super hero transference to RL.

44:00 – Second Life privacy and Facebook by Strawberry Singh. How Facebook Graph Search might affect Second Life Residents.

46:25 – Steam Valve’s game box. It is expected to redefine game boxes. Valve is experimenting with ways to read players emotional state while playing and change game states.

49:00 – Super Bowl changed from Facebook links to hash tags and URL’s. Twitter hash tags dominated.

51:00 – Virtual world immersive art: “Because I am not here” Thesis work on four SL artists.

53:00 – Some comments on Flyfee.


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I used to play Backyard Monsters. But lag and servers down crushed my yards. Now some months later I am playing Wartunes. It is fun and there is lots to discover. But, it has horrible lag. So, while we complain about the Lab not doing any thing about lag… it is everywhere, not just in Second Life. Put thousands of people into a server farm and you get lag.

If anyone is playing in an MMOG that has over 20k concurrent players that does not have lag, please let me know. I would like to see it.

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