Metareality 2013-8

I missed this podcast… dang. Well, lots going on this last weekend. Family and friends were planning for NASCAR’s Daytona-500… a big thing. I am a Danica Patrick fan. She came in 8th, which is a big deal in my circle of friends.

Metareality’s podcast is titled J-J-Jaded. They talk a bit about the Unreal 4 Game Egine. So, check out the video showing it. There are a load of these.

This is time I have written more of just an index than a summary.

The video is a demo of the Unreal 4 Game Engine, which is just awesome. 

00:00 – Introductions

01:30 – Mesh Deformer Discussion. I write about this in a separate article. Lexi Zelin of AngelRED Couture participates in the discussion.

06:00 – Linden Valentine Gift – L$10 – Since it costs L$10 to partner, some think that is why the Lab chose 10. That is like 1/26th of a dollar or about 4¢. This was a one day thing. If you logged in before 7PM on the 14th, you got it.

08:00 – Drax’s enthusiasm for SL. Gianna’s thoughts on SL enthusiasm. She believes the Lindens are not excited about SL… well, for them it is a day job and they are working under someone’s direction. We as users are free to create as we choose without time lines or risk of losing our jobs. So, our enthusiasm and theirs are going to be on different scales.

11:00 – Drax’s response to Gianna’s points. Good discussion. This is an excellent display of people having different experiences of the same SL and relating to it differently. Drax is CHOOSING to be enthusiastic while Gianna seems to be reacting to her frustrations. Because of those different mental viewpoints they see the exact same things very differently.

14:00 – Gianna clothes problems in SL. Discussion progresses into community. The problems are the current complexity of clothes in SL; system clothes, sculpty clothes, and mesh clothes.

16:30 – IMVU – Lexi says it is not possible to make a RL living there. At least not the way it is in SL.

21:15 – Gianna relates her experience with a business partner coming in to help her with an SL project.

24:10 – Dissolution – file a JIRA get banned. Nothing done about griefers, SIM crashers, regions under attack, stolen goods in SL… etc. The Lab not even talking about it.

I found this annoying as there was too much miss information. I could write a couple of thousand words just from what I know about the people involved. After knowing the involved and dealing with them for over a year… the one thing I totally believe is we are not hearing things in context or with any perspective. So, the podcast participants are repeating what they have heard but not adding context to the specific items. More another time.

26:50 – Versu discussion starts. Versu is Linden Lab’s latest ‘game’ release. Drax describes it well and provides criticism.

30:33 – Gianna talking about Iris Ophelia’s article on NWN about Versu and Dio.

38:33 – Gianna on Hamet’s article about a lady with Parkenson’s using SL. Drax says more on community. Actual research is just starting on this aspect of SL. Also Club One did work to use virtual worlds for weight loss.

Mind over matter

45:00 – Google Glasses – augmented reality. Beta Testers

49:00 – Drax on Loki and Lexi making the newest stuff.

50:00 – Lexi on her art – she likes painting boobs.

51:00 – Unreal 4 Engine – See video: Deep Down

54:15 – Bitcoin discussion. New casino in Mincraft using Bitcoin. Reinstating gambling in SL was considered under Klingdom.

56:15 – Reaction Grid – Kitely – may use Bitcoin.

1:00:15 – Amazon virtual currency possibility.

1:01:30 – Twitter to start evaluating tweets for ranking.

1:002:15 – Drax promotion – See Login 2 Life. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

1:06:00 – Lexi promotion. AngelRed has deformer mesh. This is the mesh that uses Karl’s Deformer. These are full perm mesh kits. They will give people a chance to learn how to use Deformable Mesh.

1:07:30 – Legends of Second Life.

1:09:00 – Thanks Loki for Drax’s rez day party.

1:10:00 ± End

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