Metareality – Where are you?

It has been almost two months since we heard anything out of Metareality, Gianna Borgnine. No podcasts and no Plurks. So, what’s up?

Metareality Podcasts

Draxtor™ Despres just yesterday sent me a notice that Flufee episode 17 was out. If you have been reading you saw me post it here. Whatever, he is on the Metareality podcast shows. So, I asked him, what’s up?

He says Gianna is ‘splendid’ just busy. The broadcast team is working on lots of intense projects. I think that is going around. I’ve got two big tutorials in the works. Darrius just got his Virtual Land Marks our the door. Geenz is busy with the materials system. So, it figures Gianna and her Sand Castles studio would have things in the works. And we all know Karl has to do that Angry Frogs thing and Christmas is getting close.

No ETA for a return of the podcasts.

Metareality Week 41

Another summary of a Metareality podcast. This week the title is: Build a Bridge, which is a sin from Patterns, Linde Lab’s new game.

Metareality Podcasts

The summary is more of an index than I usually make. This is a fun podcast to listen to.

01:15 – Damien Fate – clowning around intro.

02:00 – Minecraft – Is Minecraft or SL better? A huge number of people like Minecraft better.

03:00 – Drax survey of 10 year old Minecraft users.

04:47 – Gianna does have some people from Minecraft now willing to come on the show.

06:00 – Karl didn’t get any art work for Disgruntled Frogs… its back to joke status. Send him some art work and turn it around.

07:15 – Gianna is not confirmed as the most hated person in SL for recommending a polygon limit on avatars.

08:00 – Cloud Party – Max Graf mostly making clothes for Cloud Party. Standard and Hi-Def clothes are part of the polygon limits in CP.

09:00 – Drax on immediate interest for retaining users.

11:00 – Karl on hi-poly mesh and lag complaints.

12:00 – Damien on poly limits.

13:00 – Easy is not always best. Deformer people complaining about automatic weight painting not solving all their problems.

16:45 – Second Life™ an unlimited environment.

17:15 – Patterns

18:00 – Nacho Guy – Doritos Guy – Young kids didn’t see the little guy as a problem. Many SL peeps want to change Doritos Guy and don’t like him.

22:00 – Patterns Drax, Damien using some of the same ideas from Patterns starting out process in SL for new users.

24:00 – Cloud Part tutorial and Patterns intro not the same. Patterns better.

26:00 – Drax asking Damian how he explains SL and his take on the SL stigma. (27:30 answer start)

29:00 – Drax about WoW and SL.

30:00 – Gianna embarrassed about Second Life.

31:00 – Back to Patterns: Seems cool but not currently something to play all the time.

35:00 – Minecraft people were complaining about the Patterns textures.

38:00 – Discussion about Patterns Shape Forge.

41:00 – Long term prospects for Patterns.

42:00 – Lots of people cannot find Patterns on Steam. One has to buy it on the Linden site then go to Steam.

42:30 – Buzz on Patterns.

46:00 – Patterns electricity source? I think a scripting thing… very nerdy.

48:30 – Putting excitement/enthusiasm back in Linden Lab’s products.

49:00 – Pathfinding

50:30 – Communications problems

53:00 – What You Might Look Like Playing Videogames Very Soon

55:00 – Back to excitement discussion.

01:00:00 – Comparing Vale and Linden Lab styles.

01:03:00 – Dan Pink – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

01:04:30 – Plea to a “copybotting” Second Life resident

01:06:00 – Drax on IP Property… Karl on theft… Gianna on two types of copybot; for resale and for personal use…

01:10:00 – Supreme Court to Revisit ‘First-Sale’ Copyright Doctrine

01:11:00 – Facebook’s First Ad Campaign – Parody of bad marketing… Nothing tech in the whole promotion.

01:17:50 – Coke’s New Campaign – Dancing for free Cokes. You have to see this.

1:20:00 – Burger King Campaign for free burger for Unfriending someone on Facebook… you have to hear the audio…

01:22:00 – Send Karl frog art.

01:23:20 – Damien Fate’s stuff and Botanical. Damien’s Halloween Goodies and see Damien’s FATEisland.

01:25:20 – Drax encourages you to visit: Cica Ghost’s Black And White World.

01:27:00 – Visit PODCAST AWARDS and nominate Metareality in the tech category.

Metareality Week 39

This week we get a new Metareality podcast titled: Disgruntled Frogs. This video is from Drax and I think discussed at 1:02:00.


As always, this is a summary and my take on what I heard in the podcast. Any relationship between what I write and what was on the audio is likely just a coincidence. Enjoy.

01:10 – Yoz Linden has left or been laid off from Linden Lab. Nicest Linden Drax has met.

06:10 – Malcolm Dunne is new CFO.

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MetaReality Week 38

Another Metareality podcast is out, named: Less is More? This is my outline of the timeline, summary, and comments. It is not a transcript. At best I paraphrase and at worse miss the point entirely. So, if you react strongly to something, listen to the original audio.

0:00 – Introductions – Kimberly Winnington = Gianna Borgnine, Karl Stiefvater = Qarl Fizz, formerly Qarl Linden, and Bernhard Drax = Draxtor Despres.

The first part of the audio was recorded before the introductory videos or IGN article were out. At about 29:00 they see the video and article release pops up. They stop to watch it and then the conversation changes a bit. So, take that into account as you read.

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MetaReality Podcast Week 37

Yay! We have a new MetaReality podcast out today: Aaaaaaand We’re Back!

My timeline of, summary of, and comments on the podcast follow. As usual this is not a transcript. I provide time marks for the things I see as subject change points or interesting entry points, so you can check out what interests you.

If you decide you should yell about something, be sure you check out the audio first. The subject content I hear and you read from my writing may have no relationship to what was actually said.


Metareality Podcasts

01:15 MetaReality podcasts are loved by a good number of SL users. As evidenced by Gianna getting all sorts of questions via various media about whether she was going to be doing more podcasts. Gianna is committed to continuing the podcasts. This recent break was due to RL busyness. So, we will see more podcasts coming. Yay!

2:00 Material System – Discussion about this new feature starts.

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MetaReality: Making a Difference

MetaReality has this week’s podcast out. Salome Strangelove and Karl Stiefvater (Qarl Fizz, formerly Qarl Linden) are guests in this week’s edition.

Metareality Podcasts

I’ll remind you this is not a transcript of the podcast. This my take on what I heard said and relationship between what I heard to what was meant by the speakers is purely coincidental… well… may be not. I try to convey the meaning of what is said. If you find anything offensive or upsetting, listen to the audio before raving.

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#SL Damage Control

I heard someone talking about MetaReality having new information from Qarl on the Mesh Deformer Project. So, off I go to listen to it, an hour and 20 minute audio. This one is titled Damage Control, which inspired my title… just in case… never mind.

Well… there is new discussion about the Deformer Drama… but not much on the actual Deformer, nothing that I haven’t already covered. Since I have my notes from the listen I’ll publish them.

Again the time marks are approximate. The descriptions are my take away from the listen. Any resemblance to what is actually in the audio is more than coincidental. Any actual quoting is improbable. But, I did try to convey the ideas expressed in the audio tape.

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