Metareality: Weak Sauce

52:15 SnapChat discussion starts. The big feature of SnapChat is that whatever you share only has limited life. You share it, it lasts for a limited time and disappears, meaning parents cannot track what is being shared. They have a very small window in which to intercept and catch misbehaving children. So, the kids love it. Facebook is taking the hit since moms have leaded to be on Facebook.

58:10 Obamacare Web Site. Disaster, Kim’s experience. Karl had no problem. None of the cast has any depth of understanding of the ACA law’s good and bad points.

1:01:00 Mesh Deformer – Someone posted a call to action type thing to push the use of the deformer. Apparently a Linden deleted the post. When I get home I’ll have to check that out… Some months ago I wrote about how it would be possible for users to push the issue.

I’ll remind people that there is something going on likely regarding the Deformer in one of the viewer code repositories. The Lab may be trying to control spin and let the Deformer project interest die. Then spring whatever they have come up with… or not.

1:01:30 Unity game platform update discussion.

1:02:45 Maya is to become a web app. I suppose this might be similar to what Adobe did with their applications.

1:03:30 Karl cellular simulation… a project he is working on.

1:04:00 Fallout 4 domain names popping up.

1:05:00 Coming plans to make weekly podcasts. Mention of sponsors.

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I am happy that Metareality is back. I am disappointed that the majority of the cast is about subjects other than Second Life, and really disappointed at the amount of negativity.

To be fair, there is not much of interest going on in Second Life. Nor is there much new stuff to be positive about. But the cast’s perception of SL users and the Lab as a company is low.

In the US there is a huge bias in the media against private enterprise and the free market. It is having an impact in many places. People do not seem to be aware of how it is affecting their beliefs and perceptions nor the conclusions they jump to. Nor do many seem to understand the conclusion the process leads to as documented throughout history.

The TOS change is an issue and yet it is a non-issue. Maintaining respect for people with diverse opinions and making decisions differing from ours is much harder in the media stream of today, where those that disagree with a speaker are dumb and only those that agree are enlightened. I see that in many people’s opinions of Linden Lab. Disrespect in general is the behavior of the day.

To see Metareality with a cast that is universally negative toward and unhappy with SL is disappointing. The loss of Drax’s positive voice makes for a very unbalanced viewpoint. I am so appreciative that he directs some of his creative time at promoting aspects of Second Life via his World Builders series.

As amazing as it is to many people FNC has become the most trusted source of news on Obamacare. (See: I believe the main reason is they have people from both sides of an issue debating issues. The mainstream media, CBS, NBC, Wall Street Journal, and Dems in Congress all lack the level of trust that GOP Congressmen, insurance companies, Obama and our friends and family have. That FNC is more trusted than all of those is stunning. (Nielsen Ratings Cable)

I believe it is the balance in coverage that FNC provides. It isn’t that FNC is all that good or fair. It is just they are way better than other sources. There are better sources than FNC. They are not the best. But, FNC is far ahead of their competition. Their competition is weak.

I think the trust also comes from the fact that media sources are not providing all the issue points that FNC covers. ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. omit so much in an effort to support their agenda they are losing credibility.

I find when talking/debating political issues with people not listening/reading news from both political sides they are surprisingly ignorant of salient aspects of most issues. If one reads Huffington, Daily beast, and KOS they also need to watch PJ Media, read Bright Bart, and Hot Air. One listening to just one side, either side, is just a misinformed pawn.

As an example: do you know who Admiral James “Ace” Lyons is? Or how each of the points in his conspiracy theory is being proven as we get to talk to more of the people that were in Benghazi 9/11/2012? If you check this one out, take a large saltshaker with you. The point is you are NOT hearing about it and you can’t know the legitimacy or illegitimacy of the theory without hearing both sides and digging deep.

Without Drax or other pro SL voices it looks like a listener will only get one side of an issue from a Metareality story and lack knowledge of the other side of issues. In politics that is a goal. As a citizen and one making decisions we need all the information possible and a diversity of viewpoints to think about. So, in general our goals are in opposition to a politician’s. I think we should also be aware of this problem in other aspects of our life.

May be Drax will join in on future podcasts.

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