Metareality Podcast 2013-5

This week Metareality has a new podcast out: New Spaces. There is not a lot of new hard news in the cast, so it is harder to summarize. The discussions Gianna, Qarl, and Drax have touch on many aspects of the topics. I decided to try and get index points to the discussions. But, I’m not going to try to paraphrase them.

Metareality Podcasts

Metareality Podcasts

The following comments on the podcast are my take on what was said.

01:00 – Discussion regarding comments on last week’s podcast topic: Is the Market Place having an effect on land sales. Basically is the Market Place killing off land sales? They don’t think so. The why is interesting but hard summarize. Also the topics blur as asides are used to describe why each thinks as they do.

02:30 – Karl on a question about the Deformer causing a lag/delay in clothes rendering. Also, whether the Deformer and Mesh Clothes add to SL lag in general. The answer is it depends, but yes. Since there are no limits on the avatar people can design laggy, high polygon clothes. There is nothing to stop them other than some minor upload costs.

03:30 – Discussion on having more options for SL land. This part of the discussion is related to the idea of tier being too high. Most people do not realize the land purchase options currently available. A better way of presenting the land options might increase land sales.

04:45 – The Market Place is not the problem causing land loss as most departing regions are not fashion related.

Zanex/Xanax section…

06:30 – Drax makes a good comparison of Amazon and RL Bookstores. Many think Amazon is killing bookstores. But, some bookstores are doing really well. In the same way it is a matter of coexistence and seeing the opportunities for both in-world and Market Place opportunities. This section is worth listening to.

09:00 – Having the Market Place on Amazon would bring the content of the SL Market Place would expose it to a much larger audience.

11:50 – Land Owner are buying reclaimed land. The word is there are way more people wanting to buy land than sell.

13:30 – Karl points out the problem of many in-world stores not working and/or being poorly organized. In some ways it is like shopping at big box stores where it can be impossible to quickly find a specific item.

14:30 – Discussing how Loki Elliot uses new tech advances in SL, used as an example of a good creative artist.

17:00 – Discussion on new people coming in with creative talent. No numbers on what is actually happening with artists leaving and coming in.

19:00 – Gianna goes off on: lag, Lab and SL not changing, it’s complex and hard to learn… would rather play Hitman.

This is a good discussion between Gianna and Drax that is worth hearing. It is on whether the problem is users, the lab, or what. Listen to it. It is to complex to describe.

22:15 – SL Time commitment needed.

23:00 – Botgirl user experience. She compares the intro to IMVU and SL.

25:00 – discussion starts – The Lab’s intro video sucks and doesn’t really convey the feel of Dio. If you haven’t been reading the blogs then this discussion is a good intro to Dio.

Karl mentions doing Myst in Dio. He says his mom could build Myst in Dio.

Discussion leads into whether people are zoning out for entertainment or digging deep and becoming creative.

35:15 – Hitman as an example in the ‘what people do/like’ in a game and with tools like Dio.

37:15 – Monitize Dio – Sharing ad revenue.

39:10 – When will the first porno Dio room appear? They think the Lab will block that.

40:00 – Blocksworld discussion starts. Good comments on the intro video for Blocksworld. I liked this intro video. Karl echoed my sentiments that I hoped the Lab kept the guy that did that video.

42:00 – Excess Inventory – Someone had the uninformed idea of charging for excess inventory. Karl points out; inventory has the least impact on SL performance of anything in the system. For instance a jacket in inventory takes up like 12 bytes of memory and storage.

45:30 – McRib… what can I say… You have to hear it to understand.

46:00 – New releases coming to SL soon. A guest that was to talk about the new released on the podcast went no-show, by NDA direction from the Lab.  I’ll guess this was Geenz or someone on the Materials project. We know the Materials System went live, at least server side, in the Blue Steel RC channel. Those of us following the project are expecting a Project Viewer to arrive soon.

49:00 – The Viewer Policy change is a problem that has stopped third party viewers from experimenting with the Deformer. The result is the Deformer is something that is taking way too long to come out.

50:00 – Kitely OpenSim is considering a market place. Visit Kitely for more info and to give them feedback on what you do and do not like in SL’s market place. The stated intention is to develop the market place for Kitely and then expand it to other virtual worlds. So, creators should be following the developments.

51:30 – Leap Motion thing.

52:30 – Skyrim new Beta open.

53:30 – Vine – a Twitter for video. Phone app. Like Instagram and its 90 million users. Facebook is scrambling to cut-off Vine use from Facebook.

57:30 – Designing Worlds show on Griefing to Extortion.

58:20 – 1 Billion Rising coming to SL for ending violence against women and girls.

59:00 – Flufee is gone.

Drax wants to thank those that have helped with Flufee. He doesn’t understand the owners of Flufee.

1:02:00 – Drax is starting new projects.

1:04:00 – End

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  1. Greetings!
    I think there are referring to The The Elder Scroll Online Beta, not to Skyrim. Skyrim is a sequel of the The Elder Scroll saga, that have been traditionally an offline world. Elder Scroll online is the MMORPG version of that saga.

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