BREAKING: #SecondLife JIRA Change 2014-09

We have a major change in the SL JIRA System. Today at 9:55 AM a new post by Linden Lab appeared. Changes to Our JIRA Implementation. I think this is good news.

 All users will be able to see all BUG issues, all the time. YAY!!

JIRA Change 2014

JIRA Change 2014

More controversial is the change: You’ll also be able to comment. Before an issue is triaged, everyone can comment to help isolate and describe the issue more clearly. Do remember, there are some basic guidelines for participation that need to be followed.

Those guide lines have not changed since June 2011, which was before the previous JIRA Change that closed the JIRA. So, this is going to put an enforcement burden on the Lindens using the JIRA.

I think another measure will reduce the problems we had before: Once an issue is Accepted and imported by Linden Lab’s QA team, the original reporter will still be able to comment, as will Lindens and a small team of community triagers – a group that includes some third party Viewer developers and others selected by Linden Lab for having demonstrated skills in this area

The problem I had with the Mesh Deformer JIRA item was the late comers, like a year into the project, that didn’t bother to read the thread, but cluelessly commented. This new measure should keep the discussion on subject and allow only those familiar with it to comment.

It does exclude some knowledgeable people that could help late in the process. But, I suspect people like Whirly will be able to chime in whenever. Also, since we can see names, we can contact those in the thread and provide them information. So, I don’t see this as overly restrictive.

And: Lastly, “New Feature Request” is back! If you’ve got a great idea for a feature, you don’t need to slip it through the system disguised as a bug report – just select the “New Feature Request” category when you submit.

I think this will be a big help to new users and those unfamiliar with the JIRA.

I think this part of the announcement acknowledges the prior problems:  Please remember that JIRA is an engineering tool – it’s not meant for policy discussions and the like nor is it a replacement for the Forums, where you can have all kinds of stimulating discussions.

The La and JIRA users harped on these points endlessly to little avail. So, we will see similar problems as we did in the pre-JIRA Change of 2012. But, the comment cutoff at triage should help.

Now we’ll see how this works out. I think it is good and at least I will feel linking to JIRA items will server a more helpful purpose.

3 thoughts on “BREAKING: #SecondLife JIRA Change 2014-09

  1. Excellent. This means the community gets back a valuable resource. Lets hope the community uses the JIRA for its intended purpose this time around. The period where I had no access to bug reports was a major problem, speaking as a builder.

  2. More good news 😀
    Could it be that the new CEO, is the CEO we’ve hoped for?
    The CEO second Life deserves?

  3. Thats really great!

    I am developing some well documented features that may works very well in SL. I think that noew would be the best moment to make them and promote them as LL seems now to be more open to grow than ever.

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