#SL News Week 37

Well… let’s start with the JIRA Change. In the Content & Mesh User Group meeting Nyx, Vir, Hoz, Oz, and Alexa Linden were all there. I suppose they were there to handle JIRA Change blow back. It wasn’t that bad.

Alexa Linden in a fun avatar at Content-Mesh Meeting

The first topic of the meeting was the JIRA.

“Given that the jira is no longer going to be an effective means of accurate two-way exchange of information, how can we communicate with other users about problems with the content creation processes and their solutions, especially in the context of this user group where the commonest question is “can you give me the jira for that issue”? Drongle McMahon

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#SL News Update 3 Week 36

Last Saturday Oskar Linden found SVC-8208 and the roll out plans for this week (36) changed. So, we missed a roll out to the main channel, which is old news now. This week things are regrouping and we are in hopes that the bandwidth fixes will make it to the main channel in week 37. I’ll know more later today (Friday), but I won’t get it on the blog until late Saturday.

Server Beta Group

Oskar was able to reproduce the error (8208) and get the crew started figuring it out and fixing it. Because the code deals with L$ the Lindens considered it serious enough not to proceed with a roll out.

Since Monday was a holiday in the US, Monday’s work and Tuesday’s testing all had to be crammed into Tuesday. We saw this code roll to the Magnum RC channel Wednesday.

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#SL JIRA Change Reactions

The big news sweeping the Second Life™ community is the change in the JIRA. It is not a popular change. I’ve been following the threads I can find to see the reaction. I’ve updating my previous post with new links. I’ll repeat them here.

The video is comedy/satire. It well describes how many of us see the Lab’s JIRA change.


Innula Zenovka: Changes to the jira.. hiding bug reports? – SL Forum

NeoBokrug Elytis: Point gun at foot, pull trigger. [JIRA CHANGES] – Main thread at SLUniverse.

Botgirl Questi : Bugsy Linden Interview: The Real Story Behind the Jira Change – Comedy or… biting satire

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Oh CRAP! JIRA Change

I’ve known a JIRA update was coming. I did not expect what I saw this morning. It was also the main topic of discussion at Oz Linden’s Open Source user group and Andrews Server-Scripting UG. Alexa Linden was at OZ’s meeting to help answer questions. See the announcement: JIRA Update: Changes to The Bug Reporting Process.

If you are not a JIRA user you may think this is not going to have an effect on you. I think you will be wrong. I am not at all sure how the changes are going to work… or if they will work. But, it is a huge change in how bug reporting is handled throughout Second Life™. It also has a large number of effects on how we do things within Second Life, the forums and blogs. I am afraid this is not going to be a good thing. What I am sure of is; we are going to have to deal with it for some time.

Bug Reports

Reporting bugs is not easy. One does have to read the instructions and learn how to report problems so the information is useful. An effort has been made to make that easier. The problem is we can no longer browse bug reports to see if there is a duplicate. Now… that doesn’t sound like much of a problem. But, think about it.

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Builders Unite

A nifty JIRA was recently posted. See: VWR-27809When building it is often diffcult to stretch an object along a narrow axis. I run into this whenever I’m building.

Stretch Problem: Green Handle Covered

When stretching objects I use the Ctrl-Shift keys to bring up the stretch handles. The basic idea is to be able to press a key in combination with Ctrl-Shift and hide the white handles. Neat idea. I think it would make building easier.

If you think this is a good idea, please visit the JIRA and click WATCH. Ou can click VOTE too but Watch is important. Also, only post a comment if you have something to add to the idea. All the ‘I like this’ posts just clutter the JIRA.

If you have friends in builders groups, pass this JIRA along to them.