Those old JIRA BUG items that the Lindens left as unreadable… Well, the one that filed the report can mark it readable. So, if you have a bug that has not been closed and want help with it, or feel it should be open to the public for some reason, change it.

This change is only possible for your BUG items. To make the change so it is open to everyone for reading look in the horizontal middle of the report heading where you’ll find an item labeled Security Level. It will likely be marked Triager and Reporter. Change that to Public. Done.

This option allows people to keep issues private. Since it was known the issues were private at the time of filing, it would be rather rude to remove privacy when there was an expectation. This choice to leave it to the one that made the report, allows the privacy to be protected or removed at their discretion. Smart.

All newly filed BUG reports will be PUBLIC by default. But, this gives us a way to open up older reports filed during the JIRA dark period.

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