JIRA Change Update Wk 37

Oskar was asking about the Second LifeTM JIRA Change in the Server Beta meeting and how it has gone for the first week. He asked for pro’s and con’s.

Not Entirely Harmonious

Pro’s are: No duplicate checking, easier to file bug report, and faster for those that can read JIRA’s. The ‘faster’ part being attributed to: removal of whiner and rant posts.

Con’s are: — no one voiced any — that does not mean there aren’t any. But, that no one brought up any says something. What it says is debatable.

Oskar says there are lots of internal conversations with the QA teams about the JIRA Change and how to make it possible for the ‘regular contributors’ to the JIRA process to continue contributing. The key concept being: contributors who are regularly positive and helpful. Oskar wants a larger group of people with enhanced JIRA privileges. Oskar says they are discussing the idea of a QA Contributors group. While Oskar is not sure how it will shape up, he is confident that it will happen in some form.

It will be interesting to see how people qualify to be in that group, should it come into being. It does seem pretty clear that those bring drama into the process will be dropped from such a group.

There is some information that suggests various Lindens had different opinions on what should be done with the JIRA, which shouldn’t be a surprise. We have more information that various Lindens are working to figure out how to keep the good stuff and get rid of the mental cases that have dramatized the JIRA. We’ll see how it works out over the coming weeks.

I am hoping to find a way to report problems with JIRA references and allow people not in the special groups to comment on problems. For now it appears that process, for those not having enhanced permissions, will be by filing a duplicate report.


4 thoughts on “JIRA Change Update Wk 37

  1. My concern with the new process is this cuts off a “New Features” and SEC” JIRA entries. I know I would LOVE to be part of any enhanced group, and feel I’ve been a positive part of the JIRA… but will that work?

  2. I have filed one bug report since the change from the jira. It was, for the most part very similar to an existing bug in the jira but with some new twists. The only response I got was that it was a duplicate, no acknowledgment of the new aspects. I can not comment farther on it.
    The lesson is that you get only one shot, be extremely thorough and clear.

    Also the report form uses different headings and the categories are in a different order from what the final “BUG-###” report will look like!

    • Someone replied and labeled it a duplicate. Email them and ask which duplicate JIRA? Let them know you want to be able to follow it. Also, IM Alexa and let her know what happened and what you would like to have had happen. You may also want to put the info into the JIRA Survey Form.

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