SL JIRA Change 2014-10 Update

There was interesting discussion about how existing JIRA items will be handled. They may not be part of the new open JIRA. The open setting may only affect newly filed JIRA items.

I am pretty sure no one but the guys setting up the new permissions know. But, there are some possible privacy issues being considered.

What if, as Simon pointed out, somebody thinking they are private filed a my embarrassing part doesn’t work right type bug report? Now we open all those JIRA’s up? Oops!

I’m not sure how much of an issue that is. But, I see where the Lab might consider it an issue. It sounds like they may leave old BUG items closed. Those BUG items that are still open and of general interest may be moved to a new group and opened up.

Also, there are those that think the MAINT items will become readable. I seriously doubt that. We have been told the Lindens like those private so they do not have to watch what they say. If they are concerned about how a fix might impact an as yet to be announced feature, they would have to stifle it if the item were open. With these closed off they can talk about it without having to change work flow.

We aren’t going to know exactly how things are going to work until they actually implement the change. I expect that to happen this week.

4 thoughts on “SL JIRA Change 2014-10 Update

  1. ‘my embarrassing part doesn’t work right’ type bug report?

    Hey, i know the workaround to that one!

    The Solution

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