Second Life Guilds and Clans

Massively Over Powered usually has a lot of short articles. But, now and then they have a longer one with interesting information. This title gave me a sense of conceptual discord: Guild Chat: Creating A Solo-Friendly MMO Guild. Playing solo in an MMOG? There is a point? Well, they make a good point.

Heroes of Our Time

Heroes of Our Time

We have a number of RPG’s with combat that have factions, teams, coalitions, clans, tribes, houses, or some other designation for a group of players working together. The basic play types of; fighter, defender, and healer common to most combat games is present in Second Life™. Those that win in combat, organize the types and work together.

A problem comes up when players with limited time and random availability want to play in MMORPG’s. For these people it is difficult to be a team player and they often tend to play solo. Massively is pointing out that solo players with time limits and unpredictable schedules out number what we call the serious gamers that can spend hours in-game and can have a regular gaming schedule. So, games wanting more players could pick up this demographic by providing support for them.

What an idea…

Capital Exchange Update Week 40

This Second Life game involving RL money has been in and out of the news in Second Life™ for some time. The story has been that the Lindens were giving the owner of Capital Exchange a hard time getting the game approved under the new SL Gaming Rules. The latest news suggests why the Lab was having a hard time deciding to approve the game.

Dark & Scary...

& Scary…

The issue is even more congested as RL politics gets mixed in. I and others believe it is reasonable to assume how one behaves in RL will likely be how they behave in SL.  Continue reading

NoR Update

Information continues to trikle out of the Land of NoR community. Yesterday:

Land of NoR wedding

Land of NoR wedding – Dec 2007

The Purchase ticket submitted

Tuesday,22 Sep 2015 16:30:34 GMT

The ticket to purchase Remembrance has been submitted and the others who were going to  take over a sim have been informed in IM.

Lets hope this goes without much issues and Ill be building Remembrance somewhere next week.

Bizarre Obscure

Continue reading

NoR Drama Continues

Civil people often forget how many abusive and sick people there are in the world. Haters, liars, and schemers are everywhere. We see them in Second LifeTM. It appears they have struck at the NoR team. But, it is hard to sort out drama. Amid the memorials for NoR players passing in RL and the confusion over the loss of 9 regions we hear:


Monday,21 Sep 2015 16:28:13 GMT

We lost Candygurl Bing… Apparently a LL ticket was submitted Against Candy in regards of fraud and LL blocked her account. Though this is easily debunked, With the constant BS being spread on every possible occasion of staff being corrupt she decided this was the last drop, resigned and will not fight her LL block.

We however, will continue with the procedure to transfer Remembrance to me, with the odd chance LL will block me as well. Donations so far have been transferred to NoRBank just in case.

Bizarre Obscure

We don’t have trials in Second Life or rules of evidence. The Lab looks at complaints and makes the best call they can with the limited time and information they have. It isn’t life or death… so, support people can lose touch with the individual emotional impact on players. It is another example why many of us believe small communities are better. Large government and other bureaucracies are insensitive to individual situations and needs.

Unless you know the people, you have little chance of knowing who is telling the truth. What we decide to do with what we hear reveals our nature. Pick a side? Judge? Give up and ignore it all…

Finding a positive and caring position is often challenging. Not so much because it is difficult. But, our personalities, ego’s, biases, and prejudices get in our way and we jump to conclusions rather than think or search for the truth.

What is going on with NoR?

Yesterday I got the content of NoR Management’s main message published. There were questions asked and answered at the meeting. Since this is a free form spontaneous DARK role play (RP) game (RPG) taking place in a post apocalyptic world with combat, demons, angles, vampires, lycans, humans and more mixed together…  there is drama, in and out of character. And the meeting did devolve into drama as most RP things do. But, we did get some answers to questions.

NoR Regions 2012

NoR Regions 2012

There are always those that have an issue with a game’s moderators and managers. NoR is no exception. Plus there are those that have left a game for whatever reason with some rage quitting, that have an axe to grind. Often those, people go to other games or even start other games. Even NoR is an example of such a split. A disagreement with the makers of previous Game Meters lead to NoR being formed to use a different style and brand of meter. Continue reading

NoR Meeting

Many of us have played in NoR over the years. If you follow me you know the 9 regions that make up the NoR world shut down. We got a little bit of the story behind the shut down. But, if you have dealt with Linden Lab you something doesn’t sound right about the explanation given. Today we got the rest of the story.

Today at noon SL Time there was a meeting for Norians. I got there early and managed not to crash. So, I got a transcript of the meeting. Voice chat is not a part of NoR role play so it is expected that the meeting would be in chat.

SL being SL the main speaker couldn’t make it into SL.

[2015/09/18 12:10]  LONBot: Biz is unable to login at the moment, seems she is “unable to connect to a simulator”  but this will do just as well.

I’m not sure who LONBot is or who was running the avatar. Whatever, LONBot has the story. I’ll clean up the chat so it is easier to read. From what is said there is the possibility this was Biz, but other comments make me think not. Continue reading

Second Life: Nation of Remembrance – NoR. URGENT

One of the first role play combat games I came across in Second Life™ was NoR. So, while I seldom play there now, I have a spot in my heart for NoR. The regions making up NoR are shutting down. People that have stuff in the regions have less than 24 hours to get it out. Drop dead time about 11AM SLT 9/18.

If you know people that play in NoR, let them know. Email them, call them, whatever and let them know the clock is running.

So, what happened? Well… this is a dark role play game. The people involved like drama and confrontation. So… the story I’ve heard sounds plausible. This announcement was posted 9/17 by Bizarre Obscure:  Continue reading