Capital Exchange Update Week 40

This Second Life game involving RL money has been in and out of the news in Second Life™ for some time. The story has been that the Lindens were giving the owner of Capital Exchange a hard time getting the game approved under the new SL Gaming Rules. The latest news suggests why the Lab was having a hard time deciding to approve the game.

Dark & Scary...

& Scary…

The issue is even more congested as RL politics gets mixed in. I and others believe it is reasonable to assume how one behaves in RL will likely be how they behave in SL. 

A post on SLUniverse gets into most of the details. See: Capital Exchange CEO Under Active NY Criminal Investigation. This post has the links you need to verify the claims.

A point they seem to ignore at SLUniverse is the dirty-tricks of RL politics. Just as Hillary is either guilty of federal crimes or not, depending on whether one talks to a Republican or Democrat. So, too we have a RL politics factor in this case.

One of the destructive factors of these distortions is mere mortals have to make decisions based on information we know has been corrupted. But, without clear proof of innocence we often have to protect ourselves by assuming guilt. That often can destroy the innocence, falsely accused for political advantage.

If a person at a child care service is charged with child molestation, do you leave your child with that person? Guilty or innocent can you take that chance without clear, convincing, validated evidence? We have to protect ourselves and ours. That gives liars and promoters of disinformation a huge advantage and ability to harm people.

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