What is going on with NoR?

Following the forum you find that some people returning after years, just log in, no problem. Others have to go get their account opened… restored. It is that ‘not delinquent’ thing, I think. If you are a premium member, and you must be to own land, and fail to pay your member fee, there is a problem.

I renew my SL Account each year now. I have a reminder set for that purpose. It isn’t something people tend to remember, at least it isn’t at the top of my list of things to remember. So, I wouldn’t be surprised that someone forgot.

LONBot told us:

>> As long as you’re in good standing with Linden Lab (not delinquent with billing…

There was a billing issue. I won’t deny it. Sic was late with paying, just as the website is offline at times because he forgot the bill.

If I remember correctly Sic is an attorney in RL and the primary owner or NoR related SL things, especially regions. If you have worked with attorneys, you know there are often points in a case where things have to happen in a limited time frame. So, I’m not surprised Sic has time limits and RL considerations that distract him.

Before the Meeting - @ Dread

Before the Meeting – @ Dread

I think the Luxa account is one of his alternates, but I am not sure. Whatever the case, the membership fee wasn’t paid on time. As that is/was the account listed as the owner of various regions, that account was responsible for paying those regions tier.

Failing to renew the membership fee would make a mess of that process.

Consider this information from the Knowledge Base about Billing for land:

In addition to the initial charge to buy a private region, owners of private regions pay a monthly fee to Linden Lab. Private region fees are charged directly to your credit card or PayPal account, and are separate from other land use fees.


As with all US$ transactions, Private Region (island) setup fees first bill against any US$ credit in your account and then against the payment method you have associated with buying land.

As best I can tell they do not accept L$ you have not converted to RL$. It is clear and long standing policy.

So, what happened is understandable to a point. LONBot said in response to a question of ‘where is the money paid to Luxa’:

LONBot: The money is either [in] Luxa or Sic’s [account].

ATTENDEE: So, Luxa is Sic… just a paying account?

LONBot: Yes. The Luxa account shouldn’t even be blocked and he refuses to pay for the unlock.

So… how did the account get locked? LONBot explained at one point:

[Sic] being too busy [in RL to remember] to logon and pay.

How far behind did they get? Again LONBot gave the answer:

The issue played [out] for over 6 months, we [are] actually surprised they did not shut us down earlier.

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