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Many of us have played in NoR over the years. If you follow me you know the 9 regions that make up the NoR world shut down. We got a little bit of the story behind the shut down. But, if you have dealt with Linden Lab you something doesn’t sound right about the explanation given. Today we got the rest of the story.

Today at noon SL Time there was a meeting for Norians. I got there early and managed not to crash. So, I got a transcript of the meeting. Voice chat is not a part of NoR role play so it is expected that the meeting would be in chat.

SL being SL the main speaker couldn’t make it into SL.

[2015/09/18 12:10]  LONBot: Biz is unable to login at the moment, seems she is “unable to connect to a simulator”  but this will do just as well.

I’m not sure who LONBot is or who was running the avatar. Whatever, LONBot has the story. I’ll clean up the chat so it is easier to read. From what is said there is the possibility this was Biz, but other comments make me think not.


Let me start by telling you what happened before all of this [region shut down stuff].

The Luxa Budan account, the account that technically owned the sims in SL was blocked by LL [in] early January this year due to inactivity. This made it impossible for Sic (primary owner and director of NoR) to pay the tier collected on that account to the Lindens. Communication with the Lindens resulted [their wanting] Sic to pay the Tier [for the NoR regions owned by Luxa] and then they would unlock Luxa [account]. Sic refused and said they just could take the money directly out of the Luxa account, which the Lindens refused to do.

Sic and LL kept in communication with each other, but [neither] wished to give in. [Meanwhile unpaid] Tier started to collect on Luxa. To the point where people started to pay [their rent/lease payments to] Sic and Candy …

Though we have always kept [the] hope that they would sort it, we did try to prepare as best we could by making the [UCE] meter global and securing the experience [points players] have. [Switching to Global allowed] the game and the community to move around and not be stuck [on] one sim. Fortunately we have Dread (a non-NoR RP region) here to fall back to, otherwise we would have [had to] rent a temporary sim and settle there for the time being.

Though the Admins had been informed of the existence of the issue, it was decided best to keep it quiet, as going public with it would have meant a premature exodus from NoR. [That would] basically [have been] suicide [for NoR], even though we are very much aware that many would have appreciated a notice… But, having experienced situations where mere rumors killed traffic, this was something that was best kept quiet, if we were not to risk [losing] it all there and then.

We are currently in the process of transferring Remembrance, Resonance, and Evil to new owners. [The region] Evil will [become] part of Dread, while [the regions] Remembrance and Resonance will be the new Capital [of the] UCE sims. We have chosen to stick to two sims and a [rent-a-store] business model to generate some income to support it. The rest will have to come through donations, events and my UCE weapon sales. Though if all those who said they would commit actually come through, we should be safe .

There is a BIG but on this plan though. However… should LL be an asshole and block the sim [ownership transfers] then we will [have to] purchase a new sims to settle on…

I will rebuild Remembrance. JCE will do half [of] Resonance. The other half goes to Little Britain. [This depends on] whether we get Rem and Res back or whether we need to purchase a new sims. [Otherwise the names will change.]

Whether we are camping here in Dread for about a week or a bit longer, depends on the Lindens.

If you are wondering why the Lindens wouldn’t take the money out of the account, you have company. There is more to come, I just don’t have the time to finish today. More information tomorrow.


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  1. How long does it take for LL to “inactivate” an account due to inactivity ? And why did none of the staff with access to the land holding account log onto it in such a long time ?

    • No good reason was ever given. Nor was an explanation attempted. I’ll be posting some more today.

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