NoR Drama Continues

Civil people often forget how many abusive and sick people there are in the world. Haters, liars, and schemers are everywhere. We see them in Second LifeTM. It appears they have struck at the NoR team. But, it is hard to sort out drama. Amid the memorials for NoR players passing in RL and the confusion over the loss of 9 regions we hear:


Monday,21 Sep 2015 16:28:13 GMT

We lost Candygurl Bing… Apparently a LL ticket was submitted Against Candy in regards of fraud and LL blocked her account. Though this is easily debunked, With the constant BS being spread on every possible occasion of staff being corrupt she decided this was the last drop, resigned and will not fight her LL block.

We however, will continue with the procedure to transfer Remembrance to me, with the odd chance LL will block me as well. Donations so far have been transferred to NoRBank just in case.

Bizarre Obscure

We don’t have trials in Second Life or rules of evidence. The Lab looks at complaints and makes the best call they can with the limited time and information they have. It isn’t life or death… so, support people can lose touch with the individual emotional impact on players. It is another example why many of us believe small communities are better. Large government and other bureaucracies are insensitive to individual situations and needs.

Unless you know the people, you have little chance of knowing who is telling the truth. What we decide to do with what we hear reveals our nature. Pick a side? Judge? Give up and ignore it all…

Finding a positive and caring position is often challenging. Not so much because it is difficult. But, our personalities, ego’s, biases, and prejudices get in our way and we jump to conclusions rather than think or search for the truth.

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