Second Life Guilds and Clans

Massively Over Powered usually has a lot of short articles. But, now and then they have a longer one with interesting information. This title gave me a sense of conceptual discord: Guild Chat: Creating A Solo-Friendly MMO Guild. Playing solo in an MMOG? There is a point? Well, they make a good point.

Heroes of Our Time

Heroes of Our Time

We have a number of RPG’s with combat that have factions, teams, coalitions, clans, tribes, houses, or some other designation for a group of players working together. The basic play types of; fighter, defender, and healer common to most combat games is present in Second Life™. Those that win in combat, organize the types and work together.

A problem comes up when players with limited time and random availability want to play in MMORPG’s. For these people it is difficult to be a team player and they often tend to play solo. Massively is pointing out that solo players with time limits and unpredictable schedules out number what we call the serious gamers that can spend hours in-game and can have a regular gaming schedule. So, games wanting more players could pick up this demographic by providing support for them.

What an idea…

3 thoughts on “Second Life Guilds and Clans

  1. OF COURSE there is a point in playing MMOs solo. Maybe I like other aspects of the game ? Maybe I am invested in the game mechanics ? Or the possibilities ? Or, god forbid, I want to experience the STORY ? And maybe I prefer doing it alone because playing with other people taints my experience ? Because other people will either be trolls or griefers or power munchie players that look down on you for only spending a few hours a week in the game ? Or maybe they kill my joy of the game because they know nothing of immersion and treat it like a numbers game of optimised loadouts and stats whereas I want to immerse myself into the WORLD of the game ?

    Plenty of good points and reasons to play alone, even in a multipalyer game.

    Of course, I dont really play MMOs at all and SL is not a game so I am not very representative of the gamers crowd.

    • The majority of MMOG players are playing solo. So, you have company.

      It still seems odd to build a multiplayer game for solo players. Their point is games need to support the solo player and guilds could help doing that by having a guild target solo players, which would benefit everyone.

  2. I know what you mean when you say its odd. Like an ironic joke, aint it ? You are definitely right about support for solo players, 100 percent agreeing there. I believe like in many areas, Star Citizen just might set a new example there when it comes out (just to throw a name out there)

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