Sansar Did What?

They published the general development roadmap (sort of): Coming Soon to Sansar – Upcoming Releases.

A development roadmap lists those things that the developers actually plan to develop. The ‘map’ part denotes the order in which they will develop them. The Lindens did include that information. But, there isn’t much.

Sansar 2017 – Time & Space

Development Road Maps generally extend beyond the next two updates. I don’t really see that in this ‘map’. So, it is a short highway. One doesn’t go far before hitting the ‘under construction’ signs and finds the road closed.

The ‘Discovery’ update will include;

  • A searchable Atlas
  • Improved desktop-mode features, like being able to pick things up

Following Discovery will be a ‘Friends’ update, sounds like a cross between SL’s What’s Hot, Events, better Help, and people search.

Then they say… ‘more to come’. Well Duh!  Continue reading

Now in Stock – The Trick to Buying it NOW



I’ve got to tell you about a great site I learned about. It is so handy. Love it.

In the process of building my new computer I hit a purchasing problem. As I often buy things from eBay I’ve become accustomed to knowing when I can get an item. Things are ‘Buy It Now’ or the remaining time in the auction shows. I can control my wait time. But, getting a GTX1060 was proving to be a problem.  Continue reading


I’m a Feedly user. Feedly is a ‘News’ aggregator. It is the primary starting point for my daily information processing. Seems they are looking at new ways to explore the massive amount of information being generated. See: Introducing feedly’s New Explore Experience.

12 june: “REAL LIFE, SECOND LIFE, HALF LIVE - How many lives can a person have?”"

“12 june: “REAL LIFE, SECOND LIFE, HALF LIVE – How many lives can a person have?”

Their point is that SEARCH in Feedly could be better. No DUH! Feedly search is near useless to me. I either use Google or DuckDuckGo, with Duck being the being the escape from Google’s AI showing me what it thinks I want to (or should?) see.  Continue reading

Second Life Search Changes Again

I am a light user of search in Second Life. When Linden Lab started trying to improve Second Life Search I pretty much gave up on seriously using it to find anything. I think we are in our third or four iteration of improved search.  Whichever it is, we are on a new iteration now. It seems no better then previous versions. If you like to explore, search provides an interesting array of somewhat related results.

Darrius Gothly’s blog DGP4SL covers Second Life Search. He does SEO stuff for those in SL. I do SEO stuff iRL for various web clients and do pretty well. I tried using those RL concepts when I had a store in SL. RL SEO ideas do not work well in Second Life. So, if you find traffic to your store has suddenly dropped off, check out Darrius’ latest article; Kaaaaaaaa-BOOOOM!




SL Search Update

You may know that Linden Lab is testing a new search. They have a project viewer and everything now. I’ve tried the new search and I think it is better than what we currently have in SLV2. But, not as good as what there is in SLV1.

I’ve been waiting for Darrius Gothly to post something about this new search on DGP4SL. He is my favorite source for information about search in SL. I’m unsure how objective he may or may not be on the subject. I am guessing he is as feed up and annoyed with SL Search as I am. But, he seems to do lots of testing and experimenting and know what is happening. So, check out:

Yet Another Stab At Second Life In-World Search



New Second Life Search Beta

Today Linden Lab announced a new search has been rolled out and is in use. This new search has taken longer to arrive because the Lab elected to make a large change rather than a series of smaller changes. A test group has tested this new search and found that it gives better results than the search we are using 75% of the time. Really?

New Second Life Search

Where is this Search?

Didn’t notice it in your viewer? That is because it is not there. One must get the Search Project Viewer to see it work.  Download: Search Project Viewer Oh boy, another install… In Windows it installs the viewer in: C:\Program Files\SecondLifeProjectViewer-Search. This means it should NOT affect your other viewers. This version is: Second Life 2.6.9 (230635) May 23 2011

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Second Life Search Frustration


Sea Linden

I saw another frustrated resident complaining about Second Life Search. The responses on the topic when I was reading it shows most residents have no idea what is going on inside Linden Lab. One person thought no one oversees Search Development. I guess they missed Rosedale at SLCC 2010. I took the time to write a long reply and decided to use it as a post here too. So, if you are one of those wondering about what is up with SL Search, read on.

If you don’t know, the Second Life Search Development Team is a 5 man team plus outside consulting resources. The team leader is Sea Linden. Some think it is Liana Linden, but I think she may have been in charge up until the layoffs shakeout. It is Sea that posts the update information on the SL Blogrum.

UPDATE: 2010-11-18 – Linden Lab has upgraded search, again. See: Recent Improvements to SL Search

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