Second Life Search Changes Again

I am a light user of search in Second Life. When Linden Lab started trying to improve Second Life Search I pretty much gave up on seriously using it to find anything. I think we are in our third or four iteration of improved search.  Whichever it is, we are on a new iteration now. It seems no better then previous versions. If you like to explore, search provides an interesting array of somewhat related results.

Darrius Gothly’s blog DGP4SL covers Second Life Search. He does SEO stuff for those in SL. I do SEO stuff iRL for various web clients and do pretty well. I tried using those RL concepts when I had a store in SL. RL SEO ideas do not work well in Second Life. So, if you find traffic to your store has suddenly dropped off, check out Darrius’ latest article; Kaaaaaaaa-BOOOOM!




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