Second Life: Week of Restarts

Maddy Gynoid pointed me to a notice the Lab has posted in Grid Status saying starting the Week of Nov 17th (Monday) they will be doing grid maintenance with one or more restarts per region per day. Grid Status – Scheduled Maintenance [Posted 10:00 AM PST, 14 November 2014] Beginning Monday, November 17, we will be undertaking a full week of scheduled maintenance. This maintenance will take place at approximately 7:00 AM each day next week. Each r… Continue reading

Second Life News 2014-47 TPD

…ems were spotty so it is hard to tell. Ed asked if the week’s maintenance (Week of Restarts) caused the group chat failures. Oz commented on the hypothesis that because the servers were restarting they threw extra load in the group chat servers from people logging in and out. But, the Lindens haven’t been able to verify that. Nor do the Lindens see any reason that regions restarts would affect the chat servers this way. Rollout starts don’t seem t… Continue reading

Week of Restarts

This morning the first question asked of Oz Linden on the Open Source User Group was; What’s with the restarts? See: Scheduled Maintenance. Oz was all ‘what restarts? Oh… those restarts…’ Saying: They’re doing some checks on some of our server hardware that requires that they take them down briefly. I don’t believe that all regions will be affected, but I’m not sure. So, we aren’t really sure what they are checking. It may just be they are giving… Continue reading

Second Life: Week of Restarts Update

The Lab posted The Hardware Issues Behind Recent Region Restarts yesterday. This is an excellent description of the problem. If you are unfamiliar with how rack servers are setup you may want a little more explanation. The image above shows a classy looking rack server. If you have ever used a docking station with a laptop, you have an idea of the way they can work. Not all servers are so easy installed or removed from the ‘rack’. The image above… Continue reading

Drax Radio Hour #46

…data centers. 32:40 ± Post questions for Linden in the Drax Radio 33:05 ± Week of Restarts problem mentioned. My articles on the problem leading to the Week of Restarts. 33:50 ± Drax presents SL to Rotary Group and relates some of that experience. 35:00 ± Interview with Ebbe Altberg starts. Drax relates his experience with the DK2 in Ebbe’s office. 37:50 ± Ebbe again says SL1 just does not have the engine to provide the 90 FPS needed for jitter f… Continue reading